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Posted by Geralt (313 posts) 6 months, 17 days ago

Poll: Have you played more than 75% of the game GB crew discuss/will discuss in GOTY this year? (200 votes)

Of course! 38%
Don't be ridiculous! 62%

I was just wondering. For a enthusiast website like Giantbomb, how many of its members actually ready for GOTY deliberation podcast.

I'm pondering over the option of holding the GOTY consumption until I can finish most of this year game...should take about a month.

#51 Posted by McGray90 (53 posts) -

I've played everything I didn't want spoiled, nowhere near 75% though

#52 Posted by Sergio (2037 posts) -

I'm pretty much staying away any podcast that have awards that may go into the stories, like "best story" or game of the year, until I finish a few more games that I don't want spoiled.

#53 Edited by mordukai (7125 posts) -

Have no clue really. This year I've made a decision to stop listening to video games podcasts.