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with all these HD revamps coming out, what is the likelihood of something like Morrowind getting a revisit?

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There's already the Morrowind Overhaul for that. The odds of something similar coming out on consoles are probably rather slim.

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@HH: You can already play morrowind inside the oblivion engine, if that's the sort of thing you're after.

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Morrowind Overhaul, makes it look on par with Skyrim

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The odds are slim.

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Not gonna happen.

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i already tried a Morrowind mod thing a couple of years ago and couldn't get it to work properly, is the Overhaul recent? is it easy to manage?

edit: it was the graphics extender i tried.

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There is a mod for the PC Morrowind that overhauls it, I have it myself and it's very good looking. Also I don't have the best PC either, and I can run it fine.

But it would be cool to get a console HD remaster of the game for PS3 and 360.

Edit: But if they do make a Morrowind HD remaster then they need to seriously improve some of it's mechanics such as it's combat system and running speed/fatigue system. Those are seriously bad.

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I don't know if it was just me but after I installed that Morrowind overhaul mod the frame rate was pretty terrible. There needs to be a proper HD version.

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I wouldn't mind a revisit to Vvardenfell but I want it to be in an entirely new Elder Scrolls game. Fuck HD remakes I'd rather keep moving forward then revisiting the past.

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@Flacracker said:

I don't know if it was just me but after I installed that Morrowind overhaul mod the frame rate was pretty terrible. There needs to be a proper HD version.

same. Dunno what the problem was, I can run Skyrim in Ultra @ 40-50 fps, Morrowind Overhaul would dip into 12 fps in some places then go back to like 100fps in others real weird

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HD version wouldn't be enough; they'd have to fix the wonky controls and combat. HD remakes aren't for "veterans," they are made to get people who missed out on it back in the action.

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Having watched Dave play Morrowind for four hours in 2011, I think they'd need to do a lot more to that game to bring it up to modern standards than just cleaning up the textures. The gameplay looked pretty much stuck in the 90s. I'm not opposed to the idea, as I am as big a fan of Oblivion and Skyrim as you'll find, but I think Morrowind, as is, is a tough, tough sell to most people who haven't played it before, and just releasing an HD version would be great for fans of the game jumping into it for nostalgia's stake, but not enough for me.

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@Atlas: This is what I was gonna say. The game's graphics are largely problematic due to the really awful models rather than the clarity of the textures. They'd basically have to rebuild the entire game, which would cost almost as much as making, say, a Skyrim 2 in the same engine. Especially if they were going to rebalance the gameplay in any way.

Basically, it ain't gonna happen. Reminds me of Square and what they said about FFVII remakes (to paraphrase, they said they're not going to do one of those until they make a game people like as much as Final Fantasy VII because that would severely damage the brand and also cost way too much.) Obviously, there are loads of people who like Oblivion and Skyrim better than Morrowind (by sake of simple numbers sold) but the cost is too high for too little benefit.

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Morrowind has been able to run in resolutions equivalent to HD since the day it came out, just get a widescreen mod or something.