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Hey all,

Groupon is selling DynaBass headphones by SoundLogic which retail at 80 (wccoridng to them) for 25.00. I recently wrecked my old Gamescom Plantronics headphones (with the hidden mic) that i was also using as regular headphones for my ipod etc. Does anyone know anything about these Sound Logics? Are they crap? I cant find any reviews. I really liked the Plantronics because they were (1) comfy (2) cover the whole ear i.e. noise blocking and had clear sound for podcasts.


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Look for names like Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Grados, Goldring, Koss, Klipsch and so on. Plantronics don't really make good headphones at all, certainly not for music.

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Fair enough. I was looking for screaming deals. I will say that the Plantornics Gamescomm ones were excellent for gamin.

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It has been my experience that buying a pair of cheap headphones, only leaves you stuck with a pair of cheap headphones. I think that your speaker / headphone setup is every bit as important as your HD monitor. I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 558, and have been extremely satisfied with them. I would avoid gaming headphones, and just get good headphones... Well that's my two cents.

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I DO realize this is from 6 months ago. I am looking at the same headphones on Saveology for $10. It is frustrating when you can find information about a product. For example, I want in TJ Maxx yesterday and I was considering purchasing a Laptop padded Lap Desk with speakers made by BrookStone. No information about the speakers at all. Went on the the internet, still no info. So I call their customer service and they couldn't (the rep. didn't have any specs) find any information about them either. The MSRP on this Laptop padded desk is $50. They "offer" want you to buy an extended warranty on it. It was $23 at TJ Maxx, but without hearing the output myself or knowing what it is I want to preserve longer with an extented warranty, I opted not to buy it. I associate Brookstone with quality. But, I am not willing to take their word alone that it is a quality product.

So back to your headphones. What did you decide and how did it work out for you? I am trying to scrape up enough money for the Michael Jackson Edition Dr Dre Beats Audio Headphones. Trouble is their are so many knock-offs & websites that I don't know which are legit and which are not. Therefore ,I am hesitant to buy.

What I can tell tell you is I bought a pair of Skull Candy Hesh Over Hear Headphones that were very good. You could probably get a good price on Ebay, on sale at Staples or at TJ Maxx.

If you have already purchased a pair, can you share what brand/model you bought and whether or not they were any good and worth the price? No better reference than hearing from an actual user. Hope to here soon, because I signed up to this website, just to be able to write a reply. I will unsubscribe after your response.

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They are fake Beats.

I guess you need to take the gamble of if you want to buy these or 25 dollar sony headphones from bestbuy/amazon.

If I was you and only had 25 dollars I would get the sony ones from bestbuy/amazon.