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I'm looking to build a new gaming PC primarily to play Counter Strike Global Offensive and DOTA 2. I found this list of specs


and was wondering if this would suffice? Also if someone could recommend me some a good mouse and keyboard setup and case.. that would be so swell!! Thanks

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It's fine, I'd try to get everything from one place though.

You could probably get a less expensive motherboard and put that money towards a better videocard and be happier with the results.

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Regarding your build. It looks fine. However I'd suggest going SSD for boot drive (Windows and Steam). I run a 256GB SSD and only use about half of it. I also only keep a handful of games installed at any point (Right now its CS:GO, BL2, Walking Dead and Amensia)


This case is great to keep everything cool, extending the life of your enclosed parts.

Any antec case, really.

That case is quite large for his build. An ANTEC 100 or 300 would suffice.

I usually go with big cases myself, I have a LIAN LI PC A70F which is damn huge but made of Aluminum.