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Aparently he wants to write the movie but konami wont help him, sign a patition here


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I support this actoin. He is a damned good writer to, and he really cares about the source material, shame they didn't use his watchmen script. However watchmen does look amazing and after seeing the trailer not sure if his script would have worked as well. But i have no fault at all with his other movies.

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I too would like to see a metal gear movie written by David Hayter, seriously doubt an online petition will work though.

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well the guy wrote xmen 1 and 2 so  its silly they didnt run to him from the begining

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I'm not sure I even want a Metal Gear Solid movie, but If there must be one Hayter is the guy to write it.

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there really isn't a need for a movie is there

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 Just watch someone speedrun through MGS1-4 ;]

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Lashe said:
" Just watch someone speedrun through MGS1-4 ;]

Actually, I'm a believer that some mediums allow certain stories to be told well, while others will always only be able to tell that story in parts or not at all.  I think video games allow for stories as outrageous as MGS to be told in an entertaining and effective way; meanwhile, a movie would turn it into something unrecognizable and borderline inedible.  That's why I also believe comic book-based movies are insulting (to me, at least).  I'm willing to buy into absurdity in a comic book, but when you slap a costume on a real person and expect an actor to spout silly dialogue, I'm confused and usually insulted.  I guess what I'm saying is that I can suspend my disbelief easier in video games, comic books, cartoons and novels than I can in a live action film.

So, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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I don't want a movie... but if they're going through with it to milk some easy money... I'd at least want Hayter to help work on it since he actually knows the series... it's better then someone who's never picked up a game in their life right?

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I think Hayter should write the next MGS game.