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A friend and I are trying to find a game that we used to play in primary school in the mid-to-late 90s in the UK.

It was set in a roman town from an isometric viewpoint. You would have to walk around town, learning how to do various jobs such as using a watermill, making pottery in a kiln and setting up under floor heating.

There was also an Anglo saxon version of the game where you had to hang armor on the walls of the great Hall and other such tasks. I may be mixing up which tasks were in which game.

We played this game in England, so we are unsure if it was anywhere else in the world.

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Haha I remember this game sadly not the name. I also remember being told to never let the character walk on the grass as the game would freeze and you would have to restart it.

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Man all we ever did was spot the blob creature in Reception class, did wonders for my hand-eye coordination some years later when I got my PS1 for Christmas.

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I think that's the same game I used to play in school. Did you have to make mosaic tiles for the baths, fix shoes and bake bread?.. I've been trying to find the name for years but I've had no luck yet. Good luck finding it though.. If I manage to find it I'll post it here.

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I swear I played a game at school which sounded a bit like that but was in a Norman castle or something.......can't remember what it was called though sorry..

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You didn't control a dog in this game, did you? Because I recall a similar educational game in the isometric viewpoint where you were a dog in various periods of history, and you'd perform tasks and gain bones.

Probably a different game, but they sound similar apart from yours lacking the dog.

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@bettyboosh: That is absolutely the right game. You're on the right track.

@mattyftm: You didn't but I'd much rather be playing that game.

@jimbo: No it isn't

And no it isn't