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So I just built my first PC! I have played most higher profile console games but...what have I been missing on the PC? Giantbomb duders suggest away!

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Not sure what you've played ... Super Meat Boy?

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I've been getting really into Lone Survival. It's kind of a 2D Silent Hill. Check it out. Another one is Amesia.

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I'm starting to play Metro 2033 and it seems cool so far. It seems like a benchmark kind of game too.

Witcher 2 as well. Then a ton of indie games: FTL, hotline miami, etc etc.

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hey man you should try Crusader Kings 2! It's a cool game, and the mechanics are complex and interesting. Also Skyrim on PC with mods is like its own game, I have poured the hours into the user created content.

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Team Fortress 2, because hats.

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Most high profile PC games anymore are ports of high profile console games. If you like RTS then you'll have a lot of new stuff to play. Starcraft 2 would be a good place to start. But you have to be into that kind of thing, and not all console gamers are. Amnesia and Witcher 2, as suggested above, are great as well.

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Play maxed Battlefield 3 on a 64-player Armored Kill server.

Also, Wargame: European Escalation is cheap and looks incredible with everything on very high. Great strategy game too, PC exclusive.

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Play Badwater on TF2 and never look back.

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Let's face it the UNIQUE aspect of pc gaming is STRATEGY! Starcraft 2 has the best gameplay of any game i've played! Go with that.

note: Gameplay is only part of the total game.

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I've heard some good things about this Doom game, maybe check that out, it should be quite entertaining apparently?

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Blizzard stuff?

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Guild Wars 2

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Strategy games, ffs. Strategy games aren't for the irresponsible, they're for accountants and town planners.

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Load it up with porn motherfucker!

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Quake...turn off the lights and turn those speakers UP!

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Anything by Valve or Blizzard.

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Diablo 3, FTL, Hotline Miami, Torchlight 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution (not PC exclusive, but better on PC)...

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League of Legends (free to play)

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First thing I did when I got a gaming PC was spend a few, hundred, hours on Battlefield 3. After the holiday-rush, I might play Diablo 3 and purchase Sim City V, yeah, so... i'd recommend any of them.

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I'm going for FTL, Torchlight, BF3, Sins of a Solar Empire. Any newish space Sims I've missed? I nerd out over strategy and space. I would try Starcraft 2.... but I have a job I can't not go to and sanity I would like to retain.

Oh. And the Witcher 2...too...as well.

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TF2, Dota 2, witcher 2 and legends of grimlock are probably my favourite PC games. I know tf2 and the witcher are on consoles, but that doesn't count.

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Does anyone know if I will encounter a bottleneck on The Witcher 2 running a 7850 and an over clocked 3750?