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I made an account on here because i would love to retrieve some old memories i have about a couple of games. Therefor i would be so glad if someone could help me out remembering a few games from back in the days.

I am looking for 3 diffrent things:

#1 Game:

Old 2D game where you had to solve a puzzle on the screen. It would be like a (domino) track where one item would cause another item to move and so on and you had to insert diffrent items to make the track complete.

The items where things like: scissors, bowling balls, TNT explosives, springs, tilts and leash.

#2 Game:

I don't remember much from this game since i only played the demo. But basicly it was a 2D fighting game where you fought with Robot animals. Mainly Dogs.

I remember only being able to choose a blue Robot dog and allways fighting a green insane robot dog.

#3 Game:

I am also looking for the name of a demo, cuz it had alot of the old games i used to play back then.

It was a PC Demo where you walked around on a spaceship. On the spaceship there would be windows on the right and left with Demo games. So basicly you could play a game by entering a game on the wall (kinda like Super mario 64) And the games were such as: Doom, Beavis and butthead spit game.

I would be glad to pay for the find of theese games, since they would bring back so great memories. So if you've got paypal and find any of theese games, ill be glad to give you a finders donation :D

Regard Matthew.

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First one sounds kinda like The Incredible Machine.

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First one is definitely The Incredible Machine, the second sounds like a bizarre fever dream to me, and the third was likely a PC demo disc that came with your videocard or a pc magazine of some sort.

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#2 Sounds like Battle Beast.

#3 sounds kinda like Microsoft Bob, which was just a cheezy Windows UI that attempted to create a "tangible" desktop. That, or it was one of MANY "sampler" discs that were sent out by PC magazines or publishers back in the 90's. And the spitting game was from Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity.