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Just sold my old pc,

Gonna be getting a intel i5 3470 3.6 ghz with a Radeon HD7870XT for 700 euro;s without a ssd drive


or a

AMD Phenom 2 x4 3.4 ghz with a radeon HD7770 for 500 euros with a ssd drive


Anybody know if the lower spec pc is still good enough to run most games on high? lIke battefield 3 or Simcity 5

My old pc was getting so outdated, it was a i3 with a nvidia gt320 could barely run battlefield on low. Still looked great on low i might add!

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The Phenom 2 is a very old processor. My PC that I built 3 years ago has that processor. It is definitely starting to struggle on CPU heavy games like SC2. I would not get it now, it is too outdated.

The first machine is well worth the extra money over the second one. The GPU is much more powerful and it has a better processor. SSDs are nice but not absolutely necessary compared to the other components.

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First machine is a nicer machine. Yeah, your loads will take longer, but you'll have higher, more consistent framerates. When it comes to more CPU dependent titles, the i5 is going to outperform the Phenom by quite a bit.

You can always upgrade to an SSD later on, and do so fairly easily. Upgrading the processor? Always a bit of a pain.

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I have the top pc sans the video card. I have a gtx 550. and I "can" run sim city at max, but once it turns night on the bigger citys it starts slowing down. not a lot, but I found that just by turning down lighting from ultra to high it looked the same, and played much better.

I have not plated bf3.

also im running dual monitors, playing video, and downloading all at the same time( unless origin kills crome) all from one graphics card. so take that as.you will.

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First machine will do you just fine. You need a good CPU to run Battlefield, because BF3 is not super friendly to lower end CPUs. It was unplayable for me because of my CPU on my old PC. SO if you play Battlefield, go with the first build.

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Out of those two get the first one. With the new consoles on the horizon there will be a significant bump in requirements to be able to run reasonably well multiplatform games for the next couple years and the second build won't cut it.