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This is the deal. On monday there is gonna be a game convention/gathering in Malmö, Sweden. I am a part of this and have been helping out planning and constructing activities and tournaments. We are as good as ready to go but then I saw the Galaga Legion DX Quisk Look and thought "Hmm...it would be rather cool to have some kind of shoot em up/high score tournament. Last winter we had Pac-Man CE as a tournament and the crowd went wild.

So I would like to know what games I should look into having in this tournament. The idea is to make people rotate stations and accumulate high scores that gets addded to their contender profile. I want all the games to be trippy, insane and something that makes your synapses pop! Pac-Man CE, Galaga Legions DX, Geomitry Wars and Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury. Stuff like that! The tournament florr shall become a goddamn disco because of the screens! Help me out guys and girls. It would be nice if you also could tell me what these games you are recomending costs. I would prefer if they are on XBLA or PSN but I will listen to anybody with a suggestion and see if I can find those games. So in summery...

1. Have to have a lot of colours and explosions.

2. Have to have high score table.


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Space Giraffe.

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Beat Hazard for the pc maybe ? It's 5 € on steam now really cheap for the european steam store at least.

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It has to be on console. Mabey I should have added that.

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rez and child of eden are the most obvious. There is a score attack mode in rez so I assume there's one in child of eden. I played some shooters on the indie store that might work. This sounds cool. I'd like to see videos or photos from the event when you have it .

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Super Stardust sure is flashy.

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Geometry Wars 2

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Every Extend Extra Extreme on XBLA would be perfect for you.   It looks a little something like this: (Edit - Embedding was disabled so here's a link
Should be somewhere around 800MSP on Live, I got it as part of 'Qubed' which is a 3 pack consisting of Rez, E4, and Lumies Live for around $15 (half the cost of individual items on XBLM).
You could also try Rez, but it's much slower paced and doesn't lend itself as well to scoring (though it still does)

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May not be exactly what you're looking for, but my first thought was "Warioware"

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Beat Hazard, you can find it on Steam or on XBox live, under the indie games. It's a dual stick shooter with lots of bright colors, explosions, and god damn if it isn't trippy. Although, I will say that it uses music to determine gameplay. So you would maybe wanna load up your XBox or PC with some electronic music, which isn't necessary but I think they intended it to be played with electronic music.

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Geometry Wars is a great go-to.

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Bulletstorm is a pretty cool game.

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Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is frantic as hell. Awesome game.

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Thanks for the help guys. I used the following games last Saturday for my Neon Disco Night.

Galaga Legion DX

Child of Eden

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Geomitry Wars 2

Beat Hazzard

@Errordotocx Thanks for the Beat Hazzard tip! Many people digged that game! :D

@cheddartyme You wanted to see pictures and a short video? Here you go!

It became the last tournament of the whole convention. The price? A brand new Shadows of the Damned for the Xbox 360!