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Greetings Bombers! I have a question, I have an opportunity to buy a PSP vita for $150. Should I do it? What games are cool for that system? I have a 6 year old son, are there good games for youngin's? Or should I use the money and just buy 3ds games for my son's N3ds? What you guys think? Thanks, Aldo

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I wouldn't give a 6 year old a Vita, probably just buy 3DS games.

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If this is mainly for your son then the 3DS is a much better option, the Vita does not seem to cater to a younger audience. With that said the games line-up for the Vita is not that vast and there has been little mention of any upcoming games. The big games for the system are assassins creed liberation, uncharted, and P4: Golden is coming out if that's your cup of tea. Contrast that with the 3DS which has games like paper Mario, Mario 3d land, professor Layton, Luigis mansion coming soon as well as animal crossing coming soon, which may cater more to your sons liking.

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Man if this is for your 6 year old, I'd probably give them your old handheld system. That's what I did, no reason to give them something that expensive that can easily break. Plus a DS Lite you can probably get for about 70 to 80 bucks, close to the price of a full retail console game.

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No, there isn't enough software on the platform. You'd be better off hooking him up with a DS or maybe even go back to a GBA. There are also a lot of great Black Friday deals with 360s and such if you wanna go that route.

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No, get a ds xl

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Yes - you should get a PS Vita, but only if you are already a Playstation Plus member because some awesome full-fledge games are becoming part of Vita's first instant game collection starting next week - e.g., Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Final Fantasy Tactics - War of the Lions, etc. Check the Playstation Blog for more information.

The Vita on its own is okay - there are some good games. I liked AC-Liberation, but I got a game-crashing bug. (See my user review). Also, Zen Pinball 2 is great on the system. So is the latest LBP - which is still keeping my attention. Obviously, COD-Declassified has landed with a major thud. But, remember that Sony is pushing that cross-buy/cross-platform play pretty hard with Playstation Allstars and the new Sly Cooper game (and the new Ratchet and Clank, right?).

My two cents.

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I wouldn't get him a Vita as i have a 9 year old and believe me, when kids are 6 they usually have butterfingers. She has a 3DS now but she's extremely careful with it. The DSXL is built like a brick.

If you're going the Vita route may i suggest that you should make arrangements for some type of replacement program/warranty thing that would cover the unit of "children mayhem".

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@BlackLagoon: I haven't met a youngster who's into Little Big Planet. Believe me. My daughter didn't like the "floaty" controls but she enjoyed the music.

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If it's for a kid I wouldn't trust them with a Vita. If it's for you then get it and a Playstation+ subscription. Can't wait for next week and Persona 4 Golden to come out!

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No one should get a Vita, it is this generation's Ngage.

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150 is a pretty good price. The Vita hardware is totally awesome in every way (but the UI on that thing... ugh), there's just not a lot of games worth buying or playing on it (countable on one hand). However, it is the best PSP I've ever owned, I'm enjoying the hell out of Persona 2 on that large screen.

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Unless you were specifically interested in playing Persona 4 Golden, Gravity Rush, LittleBigPlanet Vita, and the handful of semi-broken but still engaging Vita games like ACIII: Liberation and Silent Hill: Book of Memories, I could not possibly recommend someone buying a Vita. I think the bundle with Black Ops: Declassified is going to absolutely murder the install base of the system, and there will be at best a couple more decent games for the platform before it dies a quiet and swift death.

I hate saying that, because I think the Vita is a sweet little handheld. But I think its lifespan just got cut drastically short with the bundles being released this holiday.

If only there were a world where the bundles for the system could have been Assassin's Creed, LittleBigPlanet, and Persona 4 Golden.

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The actual system is rather amazing for the price. But there are so many problems that don't make it right for anybody. Sony went ahead and used convex analog sticks. Meaning, no shooter is going to feel just right, like with a 360 gamepad. The sensitivity is going to feel off, even if you lower it. THATS why resistence and black ops *on vita* have so many scores against it. Metal gear solid always had an easy aiming scheme, that makes up for the crappy sticks of the dual shock and the vita sticks. So just random shooters don't work.

For a 6 year old, its certainly way too advanced for them. And for the adult, theres really nothing out there to play. Why would you get the mgs hd collection, when its better on consoles + an extra game? The software support just isn't there, and sony as of yet, doesn't care.

For a 6 year old? Do what I did. Spend 20$ and get a ds lite :D

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I'd just stick to getting 3DS games. Did he ever have a regular DS? If not there are a ton of great games from that system that will work on the 3DS.

Honestly right now it's hard to see how much support the Vita will end up getting in the future, whereas the 3DS will likely be around for quite a while still.

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With a PS+ subscription it's a great deal!

You get games every month for the price of 1 game/year.

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As soon as this thing does PS2 emulation and they open a ROM store I will buy it, I know it has the power.

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my 3 year old nephew enjoys playing games on his Mom's iphone more so than we I brought over my Vita and let him play Rayman. So... maybe at 6 he would like it more I dunno. He's surprisingly pretty good at games.