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I'm still rocking a EVGA GTX 560 with 1GB of VRAM. It is not handling Titanfall like I would want it to. This has been the first time I've needed to dial down my resolution to get playable FPS before. So I think I need a new card.

I've been looking at buying an EVGA GTX 760 with 4GB VRAM.


I wanted to find out what you guys think about this card. Is it a good enough upgrade to get my by for awhile? I really don't know where to start on this, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks duders!

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I thought I heard that NVidia is launching the 800 series pretty soon? Haven't been paying attention, but if that's the case it may be worth waiting a week or two.

I would ask what games you intend to play, at what resolution, at what expected level of detail. Otherwise it's just personal opinion and speculation on whether that card will suit.

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The nice thing about the launch of the new lines is that the previous line is still powerful but falls in price. Depending on your time line and how much you want to shop around you could get that and similar 760 for a little cheaper.

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I have an EVGA 560 ti and my brother recently got that exact card you are looking at. The only comparison I have right now was playing Crysis 2. On my computer with 2 GB of VRAM and 6 GB of system RAM along with a Core i7 920 the game would crash within 30 seconds of starting when fully maxed out in DX11 mode and would run at about 40 fps on the highest mode without DX11 with drops into the mid 20's at times. On my brother's computer which has 8 GB of RAM and a current gen Core i5 (not sure which exact model) DX11 mode ran anywhere between 60 fps and 45 fps depending on the scene and ran at 60 fps 90% of the time without DX11 enabled with occasional drops to around 50 fps. So that is my experience just with one game. But I would say I came close to doubling my performance with the 760 compared to the 2 GB 560 ti so I would assume your performance would easily double in most cases, if not triple depending on the game.

As far as future proofing goes, at 1080p 4 GB of VRAM should be enough for a while as long as you have 6+ GB of fast DDR3 system RAM for any game that uses more. It's tough to know for certain right now because we are in transition. This time next year I think we'll have a much better idea about what most next gen games will require as far as PC specs go.

One other thing I'll say is that Microsoft has DX12 coming up and Nvidia's 800 line might be the first to support it, so if you are willing to wait a bit you might want to see how those cards pan out before buying anything.

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Thanks for the responses everybody. I hadn't thought about the possibility of the 800 cards launching soon. I think it might be best to wait a bit and see what happens there.

The Crysis 2 comparisons were very useful. I think it would be a pretty good upgrade if I do I with this card. I'm currently running an i5 processor with 3.3 ghz and 8GB of system ram. So I would hope to get a couple more years out of this rig with a new card.

Thanks for the replies!