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#51 Posted by brotherstereo (42 posts) -

@Napalm: I read that at work and started laughing out loud.

#52 Posted by VarkhanMB (180 posts) -

Thank you Giant Bomb, for providing us with quality content all throughout the year and even during the break.

#53 Posted by blacklab (1727 posts) -

Man, I got so f*cking hunked up on New Year's Eve.

#54 Posted by ultrapeanut (408 posts) -
@CharAznable: Seriously, the work everyone involved put into this is mighty impressive and I appreciate it immensely.
#55 Posted by porjos (244 posts) -

Spanks GB for awesome sauce GOTYs

#56 Posted by Purple_eye (71 posts) -

2013: The year of Rap man!!!!!!!!!!

#57 Posted by Joker369 (928 posts) -

Fantastic work as always. Can't wait for what's in store for 2013.

#58 Posted by HarkinNecro (99 posts) -

cheers one and all

#59 Posted by jonnyboy (2867 posts) -

I honestly didn't think the GOTY featurettes could beat last years, but holy shit were these amazing! Top marks for the return of Hardcore Dave too.

Seriously congratulations GB Crew. This is the reason I subscribe, if I can fund the dumbest stuff you guys can come up with, that's money well spent.

#60 Posted by JoeyRavn (5131 posts) -

Blow Up Doll Brad Shoemaker (TM), coming to the Giant Bomb marketplace in early 2013.

#61 Posted by Lazyaza (2311 posts) -

The amazing thing I find is that the 5 skits were better acted, funnier and full of more likable people than basically all of tv for the past half decade or so XD GB crew you is so awesome, if I could subscribe to your madness for life I would!

#62 Posted by procrasturbate (297 posts) -

Awesome. Saving this for a future in which i can view it.

#63 Posted by vdortizo (131 posts) -

I would watch cop show religiously...

#64 Posted by TheHT (12582 posts) -

fucking love that moment from the workplace.

#65 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

I rather just have a listing their picks.

#66 Posted by sergeantz (154 posts) -

I just noticed the CBS watermark on all of the videos. Something about that makes them even funnier.

#67 Posted by turboskerv (46 posts) -

There should be a GOTY page where we can easily find all the past winners and video's on the site. I'd love to rewatch them!

#68 Posted by Landon (4134 posts) -

Hunked for Life and CollectShun were easily the best.

#69 Posted by Undeadpool (5257 posts) -

I been straight HUNKIN' since New Years DAY!!

#70 Posted by hollitz (2101 posts) -

Patrick's hunked-up laugh from that screen grab was my favorite moment from all of the GOTY videos.

#71 Posted by jambot13 (4 posts) -

Finally signed up for a premium membership because of the phenomonal work on these. Kept me entertained through Christmas.

#72 Posted by wyndhydra (20 posts) -

So i'm majorly behind on the end of the year/new year game info. What is the best order to ingest all of this bombcrew goodness?

#73 Posted by ElvishPresley (97 posts) -

@wyndhydra Get the staff top 10 lists out of the way, and then go: Day 1 podcast, Day 1 video recap, Day 2 podcast, Day 2 video recap, and so on.

#74 Posted by Nux (2559 posts) -

This is awesome! Thanks guys!

#75 Edited by Fattony12000 (7970 posts) -

Will Brad and Jeff get their own spin off show someday? I really really really hope they do.

Also I need DLC for my life with just more Vinny in it.

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#76 Posted by GnolTac (124 posts) -
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Wonder if Patrick was imitating the IT crowd.

#77 Posted by wyndhydra (20 posts) -

@ElvishPresley: Thanks for advice, that is how I'll proceed.

#78 Posted by edeo (305 posts) -

Brad's open mouth with that mustache is almost pornographic

#79 Posted by spykereightsix (87 posts) -

Ton of fun, but surprised no one contested Syndicate's placing on the Top 10! I know Jeff's a big fan, but gotta admit that candidate kind of came out of left field.

#80 Posted by OhYeah (21 posts) -

This is convenient.

#81 Posted by Mercanis (932 posts) -

Thanks Giant Bomb for keeping me thoroughly entertained throughout 2012. Here's to an excellent 2013!

#82 Posted by petbevc (6 posts) -

nice games :))

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#84 Posted by MHumphreys89 (760 posts) -

All these links are now broken after site-redesign, just a heads-up.

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