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GLHB Pumpkin 2011

The carving took around two and a half hours to map out and cut. I think it looks great.

Is anyone else doing any Giant Bomb (or Whiskey Media) themed pumpkins? If so, I'd love to see 'em.

And of course, Happy Halloween duders!

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Shit... that looks amazing!

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that really good duder

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kudos sir...kudos

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Batman, batman, batman

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Hot damn.

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Impressive, vegetable carving skills you got there.

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That pumpkin officially has the greatest injury ever made.

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Awesome :D

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Loading Video...

This guy may have you beat on method... however not on results.

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Always be batman.

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Really, really good work there, man. High five!

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Thats pro'ness dude, gj!

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Nice work!

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how is are the holes in the "B" staying in place?

Edit: Nevermind, I see the toothpicks.

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Here is my gears pumpkin!

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that's awesome.

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@Korwin: People actually do that? The fuck?!

Really diggin' the GLHB pumpkin, though. I'm lucky if I can manage just a basic face... D:

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I know I posted this last year... but I haven't carved anything yet. I should get on that. Anyone got suggestions?

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Seriously amazing GLHB, good fucking job. 

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@wickedsc3: Nice Gears pumpkin!

@TooWalrus: Uh, if you wanted to be really brave, you could carve that Skyrim dragon symbol thing.

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Damn, all these pumpkins are really well done. Good work!

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Excellent work to all the pumpkin carvers in this thread, those are some damn nice pumpkins.

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@Gamer_152: Wow! Since when your avatar became evil? Is it because you became a moderator? YOU WERE CORRUPTED BY POWER!? Oh please don't ban me! D:
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@MikeGosot said:
@Gamer_152: Wow! Since when your avatar became evil? Is it because you became a moderator? YOU WERE CORRUPTED BY POWER!? Oh please don't ban me! D:
Oh, we're all corrupt. That's just my Halloween avatar, I put it up a few minutes ago.
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Holy crap video game pumpkins! Why did I never think of that? I might actually want to do some carving this year. That MK one looks badass, as well as GLHB, too bad no one will know what the hell it means. Someday I wish to cross another GB duder in Minnesota, but I'm sure it's only me up here. Perhaps putting out these beacons will draw us together.

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I just did mine tonight...every year i forget how much of a pain in the ass carving a pumpkin is.

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pretty awesome. i didn't get any pumpkin carvings this year. i usually don't.

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@amorbis: Great work! Now followed!

@wickedsc3: You too, man! Impressive!

@TooWalrus: Awesome. I made the MK logo once, but the pumpkin started rotting and molding before Halloween :/