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After recently having a huge amount of luck in a similar GB topic I thought it'd be nice if I could give-away something after recieving something so big, sadly my steam inventory is not very nice but atleast it's better to give out something than to simply keep it until expiration. So, without any further ado. Here are the rules and prizes

- You must have a Steam account so i am able to send you a copy and PROVIDE YOUR STEAM ID PAGE IN YOUR POST

*example: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Talis

- Write for which prize you want, try to keep it to one prize only. If you don't win the one you wrote for then you might get lucky and get a consolation prize.

- Open until it turns January 1st for Europe in timezone GMT+1

- I will announce the winners either within the celebrations or the day after (Depending on how hammered I get)

33% and 50% off Valve Coupon

50% off Trapped Dead

50% off Audiosurf

50% off APOX

25% off Square Enix/Eidos Interactive Products

50% off RUSH

10% off Paradox Products

50% off Multiwinia

50% off Blocks That Matter

50% off Anomaly: Warzone Earth

50% off Magic:The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalker 2012

50% off Drakensang

Vegas: Make it Big Steam Game

So, make me laugh, make me cry. Suck up to me (Probrably won't work :P). Tell me a story or simply show interest. Let the drawing begin!

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I spent $10 and got ten of my friends (all hardcore gamers) Faerie Solitaire for Christmas. I hope to continue this tradition for years to come.

I don't really care if I win or what I win, I just think it's awesome that the community is so giving this time of year.

So roll a d14 or whatever. Steam page is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ravenlight, though I'd take a piece of coal if you want to give those away if you have any :)

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I'll go for the Vegas game thing, because it's an actual game. Oh, and here's my Steam account.

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nice one Hero ;) Good luck everyone! Let the spirit continue!! :)

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I've owned Steam for so long and I still can hardly remember how to get my unique URL.

I'll put my bid in for that Blocks that Matter coupon. Thanks for the giveaway.

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Nobody else wants these? I know they're not great, but you can't deny a free coupon :P

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It also helps if you put a little flavor text in that hints at what you want.

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Ah yes! I've missed out on Deus Ex, I'm very stingy with money, so that 25% off Square coupon would certainly help me along.  
i wrote this haiku 
because i want that coupon
i hope it works. peach

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I am showing interest in the 50% Off Valve coupon as I seem to be part of a minority of people who don't own many Valve games. Also, thank you for the giveaway!


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Sorry folks, I have to close this early. No guarantees I can give it after new years and stuff, have some people I need to repay. Will start adding you to my friendslist and give you the items you wished for.

Everybody has been sent a request.

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@sideshow said:

nice one Hero ;) Good luck everyone! Let the spirit continue!! :)