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Hey guys, I have no idea how long this site has been active, but I was just able to sign on. It's great to see the site finally up and running! I don't know what to do with myself, but I just wanted to see any familiar faces from the comments section of the old blog. This is C. Cruz and anyone I have talked to from the blog site are welcome to send me a friend request or post on this thread (if anyone reads it). Anyway everyone enjoy the site and I can't wait to see what the future brings!

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Hey man what's up. Seen you on the blog site a lot. :O

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Ya nice to see you on hear, you and Kane were all over the comments on the blog.

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Haha what's everyone doing on the Bomb right now? I don't know what to do with myself.

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I don't know either. I'm loving the instant post and quick reply stuff though!

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I have been checking every few minutes to see when it was up. Its 4:04 in New York

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There is so much user functionality that I find myself getting lost! That's a good thing, too.

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BrockSampson said:
"I have been checking every few minutes to see when it was up. Its 4:04 in New York
Yeah, I am in New Jersey. I got the e-mail at about 10:30 and have been checking ever since.
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Yeah I got that email too. I manged to stay up till about 3:30am~ here in Virginia before it went up.

Worth it!

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Yeah, this place is like a forest of opportunity. And as a lazy citizen of Western society I'd rather not explore it, and instead merely sit here in this comfortable corner I've found.

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Do you mind if I pull up a chair and enjoy the comfortable corner along side you?

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