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Why those two franchises specifically?

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I sunk some hours into the MW2 and Black Ops multiplayer, but got bored quickly in MW3. Reach has been pretty fun. I guess Halo overall.

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Where is the neither option?

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Street Fighter.

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Halo, combat is more fun in my opinion, less about getting the drop although that is a part of it but more about being able to be consistently accurate instead of accurate once. Maps are of better quality generally and their is tons to do in terms of custom game modes that just seem jankly implemented in CoD. Campaign is also more fun in Halo because it's more of a puzzle less of a shooting gallery. That being said I do like CoD every now and again and understand the appeal but Halo will always top my console shooter list.

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Halo by far.

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Definitely Halo.

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I like everything about Halo better, except the gameplay... so CoD i guess?

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@Mutley: Its that little red x at the top right

@BeachThunder: If you are into online fps, those seem the best

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Team Fortress 2

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I find the gameplay in Halo to be too slow and methodical for my taste compared to CoD. Also, I've preferred the story in CoD games and not the one in Halo games (only played Combat Evolved and Halo 3).

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Call of Duty only if we are talking Call of Duty 4, otherwise Reach is my game.

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If only Call of Duty had stopped at the first Modern Warfare... It's Halo all the way.

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@FluxWaveZ: I was going to vote call of duty like you once, but i took an arrow to the knee

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I'm in the minority here, but I really, really liked MW2's campaign, I thought MW3 was quite good as well, though after two playthrough's, it lacks replay-ability. I think Call of Duty 4 and Black Ops are OK, but not my favorite of the bunch. World At War was great, Call of Duty 3 was pretty meh to me, and two was mostly great, but less so today. I loved the original Call of Duty, but like two, less so today. I think Halo got better with each iteration, but loved them all and would give them nearly all the same score for their time. I picked Halo. I love sci-fi, and Halo is a great sci-fi shooter to me. As for the multiplayers, I think they're about that same.

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@Ravenlight said:

Team Fortress 2


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Halo has better A.I., more open ended levels, each games feels familiar but fresh at the same time, more tactical combat, alanced multiplayer, much more engaging co-op, interesting storylines, memorable music, more multiplayer content, and better maps (except for Reach). Call of Duty has some nice set-pieces and good sound design, but that's about it.

If my avatar didn't make it any more obvious, I'd voted for Halo. There hasn't been a good Call of Duty game since the original Modern Warfare.

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Halo's open-ended gameplay makes it more fun for me to experience multiple times.

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im kind of tired of cod. im not that tired of halo

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Halo .... love the gameplay (like some one said its more methodical which I like the most) , the art and mainly the story .... I know im in the minority in this regard but eff it I love me some minor sci fi once in a while also I love Reach the most ... I dunno just love how the game flows and the sad story , and heck that ending sequence woa!!!!. In other things FUCK COD ... there I said it >:3

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the only CoD i've played through is world at war, and i dug its campaign more than that of halo 2 or 3. though shorter, i prefer its cinematic style. i felt like i was playing saving private ryan: the game. way cool.

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I generally lean towards Halo. The setting is infinitely more appealing to me, and the basic design of the combat setups is preferable. Also, vehicles.

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I'm a Halo guy but COD 4 and Black Ops were excellent.

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Call of Duty. I just can't get into shooters with shields, a quick burst needs to drop a guy in my games.

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Call Duty has been milked to death but I still quite enjoy the relentless stupidity of a COD campaign. I'm always underwhelmed by halo games, the campaigns are always dull and I can't get in to the MP. So the lesser of two evils is COD for me.

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Overall Call of Duty because CoD4 is one of my favorite games of all time. Halo hasn't become really boring like Call of Duty has for me yet, so in that sense I like Halo more.

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You should have had a both option. They're pretty different shooters that I enjoy for different reasons.

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I think the Halo campaigns are great. Something about running into a squad of A.I companions and rolling with them was without fail an awesome feeling.. especially if a Warthog is dropped for you. It just really gets momentum going with the action.. and they pace it really nicely with letting you control those quiet moments from one battle to the next. Walking through a forest quietly, then descending upon an already happening fight with a jet pack in Reach made for glorious moments.

So to answer your question, I've never played a CoD.. so.. I have no clue which I prefer. Love you guys!

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Halo by far ... that Marty O'Donell soundtrack, here just chill for a bit

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@AngelN7: Man forgot how great the soundtrack for ODST was.

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Halo for sure.

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Now? Probably Call of Duty. During Halo 3 and before it I definitely preferred those though. But Reach just wasn't fun to me and I had been spoiled by 60 FPS in both CoD and other games.

Although, I don't particularly like CoD now either. 4 is alright but it feels like the new ones are way too similar to it. Back when 4 was released it was a complete game changer for the FPS genre, now they just copy it over and over.

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I don't like first person shooters but I've played both casually through split screen multiplayer with friends when each game was at its height. Clicked Halo to see results. Very surprised that Call of Duty isn't higher. I think it's due to how saturated the brand feels, and all of the activision contempt.

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Would have to go with call of duty since I really haven't been able to get into a halo game since halo 3.

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i'm gonna say Halo.

i enjoyed Reach ALOT when it came out. it only lasted roughly a month before i was playing something else, but it was loads of fun. CoD is cool and all once in awhile, but eh. the campaigns are horrible linear explosion-fests. i mean i can't hate on it too much, i enjoy it, hell i own MW3.

Halo just has more going on, i dont mean like leveling-wise, i mean in a match more stuff can happen. though i only really played the really big halo maps with vehicles and stuff. small scale halo blows. anyone know the player cap for halo 4? 16v16 would be glorious.

OH! i will say, i absolutely HATE HATE HATE halo's matchmaking system. it never replaces people, so if you play capture the flag and the other team scores a point, half your team bails instantly and you're with 2 other dudes against 8. its retarded. i really hope halo 4 replaces people, its a deal breaker for me actually.

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Halo is just an overall better game experience then CoD.

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Halo, because very few games have succeeded in imitating and exhausting the things I like about it.

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@GunstarRed said:

Street Fighter.

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I chose Halo, but I will enjoy Black Ops 2 because I love Treyarch. But if those two franchises are the only ones you care about you really need to diversify your gaming tastes, so many great games out there it's a shame to miss out on them because you're caught up in CoD vs. Halo or dumb shit like that.

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Halo any day of the week.

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@Reznov said:

@BeachThunder: If you are into online fps, those seem the best

Not necessarily, just the most popular.

There's also Battlefield, Counter Strike, and Team Fortress, all three of which have existed since before Call of Duty and have maintained their popularity with far less reiterations on the same formula.

I liked CoD4 and MW2, but the series as it is today is hardly close to scratching Halo or the others I listed. Yeah, I sound like a pompous douchebag with this comment, but CoD doesn't require a whole lot of skill nor is it that interesting to me anymore.

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How come I can't vote "they both suck"?

Unreal all day bitches.

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Red Orchestra

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Both are pretty enjoyable. The difference is new Halo games still get me excited, new CoD games are just interesting.

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