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OK, so for some random reason I was browsing Deadspin and noticed a graphic that caught my eye.

I am pretty sure the person in the graphic is Ryan Davis in one of the Kinect videos they did a while back. Am I crazy?

The graphic can be found here:

Or, direct link:

If it is Ryan Davis, then I'm pretty sure no one asked his permission and I thought he should know.

However, I wanted to run it by you guys first.

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I dunno, at first I thought it has to be, but if you look a bit closer (particularly at the upper body/shoulders) it isn't 'round' enough to be Ryan. Ryan's quite circular, although because he's running he might look different.

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It sure does look like a silhouette of Ryan in one of his many Kinect Quick Looks.

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I'm pretty sure you don't need permission to use someone's silhouette unless that silhouette is distinctly recognizable as someone. In this case that may or may not be Ryan, but who would know that besides a select few, and you apparently.

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"Recovering fatass soundtrack"

Well that's not very flattering.

It seems to be from this video of Ryan having a headband:

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Nah, digging deeper into the photo credits, the picture seems to come from Shutterstock.

Yeah, it's the Gawker network, but they haven't gone that low (yet).

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A silhoutte? Really now? Come on

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Stop. Just stop with these threads.

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Mystery solved. Case closed. Thread locked.