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#1 Posted by idBloc (133 posts) -

... it would be a good idea to say proper bye as a staff member of Giant Bomb.

Well, to all the great people and members I have been talking to and interacting with I salute you; you guys were amazing. While shit was going crazy around here you guys understood and helped us overcome all the challenges that faced us during this launch and I thank you.

I'll be around.. posting times to times on the forum.. After all, it feels pretty cozy around here

By the way, I am that French guy from this Quick Look: Bientôt l'été

#2 Edited by mrfluke (5756 posts) -

oh shit, you're leaving fully or going off location like patrick?

either way best of luck on whatever your up to next.

#3 Edited by Master_Funk (754 posts) -

Thanks for the new site dude, and hope you have a great future . Also that QL was awesome.

#4 Posted by flasaltine (1958 posts) -

Have a great time in Chicago!

#5 Posted by Levius (1337 posts) -

Au revior, duder.

#6 Edited by MooseyMcMan (12174 posts) -

Say it ain't so, Thomas! Now who are they going to rope into a Quick Look the next time they find something mega-French?

Mais, c'est le vie. Au revoir, Thomas!

#7 Posted by TheThirdRLM (171 posts) -

AU REVOIR!! Too many Bomb Crew leaving!!!!

#8 Edited by poisonmonkey (430 posts) -

Good luck in all you strive to do young sir and thank you for your efforts on the site, just look at what you helped to create and be very proud.

#9 Posted by Reisz (1617 posts) -

Oh man, you were a champ in that quick look, made it a pleasure to watch. I think I can speak for all of us when I say the new site was a hell of an achievement. It came out great.

Bravo and good luck in the future!

#10 Posted by Brackynews (4270 posts) -

Cheers and fine work on levelling up the Giant Bomb Platform! Complete internet domination approaches!

#11 Posted by Lego_My_Eggo (1101 posts) -

NOOOOOOO! you have to fix this bug i just found that takes me to the bottom of a thread when i click it! spend your last hours wisely and solve all my problems!

We are losing all our top men!

#12 Posted by RPGee (775 posts) -

Fantastic work, duder! I can't imagine what it's like being introduced to the craziness that is Giant Bomb, but I'm glad you've enjoyed your work here.

Enjoy what comes next, and best of luck to you.

#13 Posted by Pop (2694 posts) -

Thanks for the new site duder, have fun wherever you're going and oh BON VOYAGE!

#14 Posted by Animasta (14840 posts) -

Are you leaving or are you being laid off?

Either way, good luck on your future endeavors.

#15 Posted by Gamer_152 (14337 posts) -

You served us well idBloc, best of luck with whatever you do in the future.

#16 Edited by Chaser324 (7573 posts) -

Thanks for everything! You've been a huge help to the mods in making the transition over to the new site, and we're gonna miss you, dudér.

#17 Posted by BisonHero (9113 posts) -

Best of luck in the future, Thomas! You're a real trooper for putting up with everything in that Bientôt l'été Quick Look :P

#18 Posted by SlashDance (1865 posts) -

Salut, et merci bien pour le poisson !

#19 Posted by Phatmac (5926 posts) -

Bye Thomas! :)

#20 Posted by ejiehi (139 posts) -


#21 Edited by Mento (3373 posts) -

Thanks for all the work, man. I guess this means Giant Bomb can go back to being Europhobic again. Not that they really stopped for your sake, but...

I'll see what I can do about making the site implode so badly that they'll need bring you back. So many schemes.

#22 Edited by ZombiePie (6414 posts) -

Thanks for engineering the impossible with the re-designed site and best wishes. It's sad that we didn't get to eat cheese and drink wine together.

#23 Posted by Superkenon (1589 posts) -

You done good, son! Great work on the site. I enjoyed your appearance in that Quick Look too, and the Big Live Live Show segment!

Best of luck in with wherever your future endeavors take you. Hope to see you around.

#24 Posted by jiggajoe14 (1456 posts) -

Goodbye and good luck in your future endeavors!

#25 Posted by vorpalparasite (362 posts) -

Good work, sir! Fare thee well.

#26 Posted by idBloc (133 posts) -

@mrfluke: I am going to another company not far in SF :) I'll share the new place on Twitter on Monday

AU REVOIR!! Too many Bomb Crew leaving!!!!

Naaaa, the most important part of the crew isn't leaving so that's all good :)

@mooseymcman: I'd love to do some mega-French thing with them eventually :p

@ejiehi: I know I know :D

@slashdance: le poisson? mmh mmmmh?

@zombiepie: I wanted to go to PAX but I go nuts in crowded areas :x

You guys are great; I always enjoy reading your messages :D

#27 Posted by Demoskinos (17103 posts) -

Damn! You and Patrick both? My poor heart can't take any more staff changes! Good luck in the future duder. And thanks to you and the engineer team always responding to problems Ive had with the site. Its so great to talk to a person when you have a problem and I appreciate your work!

#28 Edited by EuanDewar (5156 posts) -

you're french and I seem to remember you maybe being pretty handsome so Im gonna miss you bud

#29 Edited by Shikon (195 posts) -

good job on making sure the site blows up from time to time!
would not be giant bomb with out it.

good luck on your next job!

#30 Posted by skelington_ (294 posts) -

Best of luck in your future pursuits--keep that Giant Bomb DNA within you, wherever you go!

#31 Posted by triple07 (1246 posts) -

Good luck on your new job! You did great work here on the site and on the quick look you did!

#32 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5718 posts) -

Take care!

#33 Posted by Petiew (1411 posts) -

Good luck with your new job or whatever you go on to do! I really enjoyed the Bientôt l'été quick look. Thanks for keeping the site alive all of this time Thomas.

#34 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Never was there a more fitting day for this song:

Loading Video...

#35 Posted by amlabella (355 posts) -

Best of luck Thomas!

#36 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5150 posts) -

Good Luck Have Batman, duder!

#37 Edited by EquitasInvictus (2072 posts) -

It's awesome that you're moving on up to Twitter! Congratulations and good luck; thanks for all your work and gracing the Bientôt l'été with your French skills!

I'm sure Twitter is going to be a far better place with you around! I'm sure there'll be less people hounding you to fix broken things as a top man, but I'm probably being too optimistic. Thanks for everything!

#38 Posted by cooljammer00 (2524 posts) -

Are you leaving to join Dave and Coonce at that mystery project they have going on?

#39 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7297 posts) -

Thanks for putting up with all of us when we were throwing ideas at you left and right. You folks did a fantastic job.

#40 Posted by Fattony12000 (8043 posts) -

@idbloc: x

Stay strong, duder.


#41 Posted by RockSteady (40 posts) -

bye dude

#42 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (5342 posts) -

Top man, good luck sir.

#43 Posted by Ramone (3080 posts) -

Au revoir.

#44 Edited by finnith (33 posts) -

Good luck with your future exploits Thomas!

e: what I get for not being there for unprofessional fridays.

#45 Posted by TruthTellah (9728 posts) -

Bye, good sir!

Have fun on Twitter! I hear it's a very welcoming place. :)

#46 Posted by Bigbombomb (698 posts) -

Good bye duder! Good luck and godspeed!

#47 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

NOOOOOOO! you have to fix this bug i just found that takes me to the bottom of a thread when i click it! spend your last hours wisely and solve all my problems!

We are losing all our top men!

I'm having this problem too!

#48 Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition (751 posts) -

Who will be on top of things when top men leave?

Bonne chance, au revoir, et merci beaucoup mon ami!

#49 Edited by CornBREDX (7004 posts) -

Oh wow. Well, it was fun trying to figure out what was breaking the text editor formatting bar with you.

Btw, it still breaks but for other random reasons I have not discovered and is more rare so I haven't bothered about mentioning it as it's mostly working as intended now =P

Edit: actually that was Lt Squigs... my memory is garbage lately. Whatever haha- farewell and good luck on your journey all the same

#50 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3414 posts) -

Adios or some shit.