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With "Next Gen" gaming right around the corner we are seeing a lot of information on the possibilities of streaming games. It seems inevitable that digital purchases and streaming games will be the future of gaming. We also have a large variety of video streaming services available which work remarkable well. PC gaming has a huge amount of always online games that many people have played for years. For all of this to work well we need good speeds. I am concerned about what this is going to mean for the consumers when it comes to their internet providers. If feel like there is a reckoning coming from cable companies and it's going to get a lot more expensive for everyone. You hear a lot about connections being throttle and people having to pay different pricing for bandwidth usage. I have been through the pricing increases along with everyone else over the years. All the talk about the new consoles having many more streaming application plus all the talk about them being the component hooked to your TV that will replace everything else sounds awesome. The only thing is I have to pay someone to be able to stream all that content. Are internet costs going to skyrocket? Does anyone have any thoughts or information what could happen?

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Here in canada the duopoly of ISPs are already ramming us up the ass every chance they can with low bandwidth caps and over priced service. I'm sure they will jump on any chance they think they can use as an excuse for jumping the prices up. Thankfully in my part of the country my ISP doesn't have bandwidth caps yet, but I can only get a 1mb connection where I live so ya.

Thankfully none of this streaming services stuff interests me at all so I'm not gonna be missing out. That said, the ISPs need to get something straightened out with the rest of the technology industry because we are running into a serious problem where companies are constantly pushing the envelope on what an online service has to offer and it's running into a brick wall by all of these restrictions the ISP have put on customers. Sadly I think its only going to get worse from here and not better.

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Not a concern for me as i live in Sweden, currently paying 15$ a month and getting 100 Mbps download and upload with no restriction on usage at all. I feel sorry for Americans that have to deal with such poor infrastructure and greedy service providers.

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I wish our government would do its job and prevent the ISP's from having enough power to form an oligopoly. Unfortunately, they're just as corrupt and greedy so yeah, we're pretty much screwed when it comes to internet. I'm just glad I don't live in Ontario any more, one of the worst ISP situations in the world IMO.