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So I have a PS3. 
I also have two finals in an hour.
I am going to start the download, have that distracting me through my two finals, then be done with it.

I personally don't know anybody who has been involved with the Home beta.  I've read all about it elsewhere on the interweb.

I'm hoping for some cool, game-themed hangouts.  Kinda. 
I'm not expecting anything huge thats going to change the gaming universe as we know it.

But as far as unique, Sony is bringing that in spades.  Yea, it's basically a 2nd Life ripoff, and it's going to be horrendously laggy in the first week, but it's something new.  And free.  Can't beat that price.

Do you think this will bring about a deluge of anything new to the gaming world we all inhibit?  Or is this simply reaching out to the casual person who knows of nothing better than to spend real money on a virtual product that will in no way affect their real life?

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I kept getting a message saying I'd been disconnected from the server....so yeah. Excitement went from 4 to 1 just like that.

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Drebin_893 said:
"I kept getting a message saying I'd been disconnected from the server....so yeah. Excitement went from 4 to 1 just like that."
Yeah that happened to me once. I was returning to my 'home' and it disconnected me and I then I just quit. I don't really feel any need to go into home.
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i managed to get online, just pester it.

getting my character together now.

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I went online momentarily just to check it out. Nothing to excite me yet. Maybe it'll be better later, but as of now.... *Yawn* ... and my name is blue. Take that for what it's worth.

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Where do you get it from? The Store?

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LiquidPrince said:
"Where do you get it from? The Store?"
Nah. You'll see it in the area just above the spot for folding at home. It's a small download from there.
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Go over the the PSN icon, and its down there on the bottom.

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its cool, but still, wheres all the content. its literally empty right now. i wanna fly some red bull air planes. 

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basically how it works is it downloads 77mb initially then as you go to a new area it downloads it, 30-60mb depending on the size of the area, once its within the 3gb partition it creates for home you dont need to redownload an area unless it changes.

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cool downloading the initial stuff now.

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it has tons and tons of potential, just i hope that the majority of the people getting on it now realize that. because there isn't much to do besides the stuff in the closed beta. wheres the game lounges like warhawk and far cry 2?? where all the new stores? where is all the cool new movie stuff like the one for the watchmen? what about red bull?! RED BULL!!

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That and its technically still in beta.....

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Yeah I downloaded it at work. Didnt really get to try it out much, that can wait till I get to my real home.

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Logged into Home and played around with it for about 30 minutes. Just not really feeling it so far as there is not much to do.