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Hey guys -

We're going to try some HoMM duels for TNT today, then follow it up with Space Marine. If you happen to have HoMM, please try to be around at 4PM so we'll have some people to play. I'm not terribly good at the game, so no worry if you're new to the series yourself. We just thought it might be fun to show off a game that not a lot of people are familiar with for a change.

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Hope it works out! I'd have been all over the new HoMM if I weren't so busy lately. I'd make an exception if it were a new Age of Wonders though.

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Nice to see some PC games besides TF2... also, people aren't familiar with the HoMM series? Oh, the humanity.

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@snide: I have Heroes VI, so if no one else shows up at least there will be me.

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What platform are you doing Space Marine on? Hopefully PC.

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Sad to see so little response to this. I really hope you get a decent amount of people for this. I would have gladly joined, but I'm holding off from buying HoMM VI for now. Plenty of games to play as it is...

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... is the chat dragon fucking the Whiskey Media logo? He seems quite pleased.

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Im at work so no dice. But if I wasn't at work there would be dice. Many dice.

From what I've played so far necros are nerfed from 5 but still very much overpowered. The thing that you charge with damage does a lot to even the playing field, though.

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Don't have HoMM VI, but I do have Space Marine. You guys going all PC all the way tonight, or will you do some Space Marine on the consoles too? I rock the 360 version, myself.

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Damn. I like the HoMM series but haven't picked VI up yet. Wish I could play with you guys at TNT.

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Well 20 minutes from now. Really hoping I don't have to hot seat it vs ryan.

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@snide said:

Well 20 minutes from now. Really hoping I don't have to hot seat it vs ryan.

I kinda like to know what you guys think about this one since it's quite a bit different from the other games of the series. So I don't mind if you don't get to play against other people.

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Curious to see how it works as a TNT game. Been playing it all week and like it so far despite the less than smooth launch.

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@snide said:

Well 20 minutes from now. Really hoping I don't have to hot seat it vs ryan.

If that does happen can't you play against Drew or Mike or someone? Fresh faces and people who would give the game half a chance. But other than that I wish you luck, I'd watch but timezones.