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One of the things I've been saying about the new SimCity for the past few weeks or so was that this game doesn't give me a reason to stop playing SimCity 4. But, I could just be missing something.

Aside from the graphical/technological upgrade, can you give a reason to stop playing SimCity 4 and get the new SimCity instead?

It's super confusing to me that this game was released since you can buy SimCity 4 right now for $20 on steam, so it's even a better deal.

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Honestly the game feels more focused to me. I feel like I have objectives. I never had that feeling in SC4.

I'm not going to tell you to buy SimCity if you are happy with SC4. They are different games. SC is a lot more micromanagement focused whereas SC4 was very macro. It's all about your personal preference. I don't know if you could objectively call one better than the other.

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SimCity has a tighter scope. That said, EA likely trimmed all that fat off deliberately so they can sell it back to you in expansion form (Underground Adventures™, Amazing Architecture Collection™, Terraforming Tyrant™, Big City Boss™).

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It depends on if you're willing to sacrifice that big city scale in favor of having a much more customizable experience. Even just going around the region my coal/ore baron city looks way different than my neighbor who put all of his effort in education. You also can't rely on one super city that does everything. Some things you simply don't have room for and need to import or export to get taken care of. That even goes for people since industry can really take up a lot of space once you reach high density. Either way I would recommend waiting a week or so at least, despite how much I like the game this release day(s) rush is causing some issues.

Also, for some reason I just love popping up a data layer and checking everything work themselves out in motion, really satisfying compared to looking at plain old line graphs.

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Another thing to consider is what the modding community is going to be doing with Sim City. Something tells me that none too soon we'll be seeing mods that make the small city size a thing of the past, custom regions, and who knows, maybe we'll even seen an SDK from the devs. It may not have the grand scale of SC4, but to be perfectly honest I played the New York region every now and again for the past decade, and I don't think I have even ever gotten half of the cities developed before getting bored and taking a break, only to start again fresh six months down the road...