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GB Community Tekkit:

It's currently setup with Tekkit 3.1.2, with the following mods:

  • DeathChest - (Carry a chest with you and your items will be placed in a gravestone which only you can break when you die) :: Setup and working, verified for other players
  • LWC - (Permissions plugin, auto locks your furnaces and chests. Type /help LWC for more options) :: Setup and working for Tekkit blocks. Either replace your machines or type /cprivate then punch the item you want to lock
  • Essentials - Here for groups and user specific permissions. There are 3 groups (Minge, Duder, and Wizard) - there are specific permissions tied to each group, Minge is obviously reserved for those who would act as one. A Wizard is one who can probably help a bit if you find yourself in a game-breaking pickle.
  • Dynmap - Allows you to view players / chat with in game players / view a real time rendered map. Accessible via http://map.beardfish.net

Be sure to type /help for the current list of commands available to you

  1. Download the Technic Launcher at http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit
  2. Post in this thread for a whitelist request (Building enabled by default)
  3. Approval is limited to members of at least 6 months standing / forum contribution / etc.
  4. Once approved - Select Tekkit in the mod launcher, then connect to: tekkit.beardfish.net

If you have any questions or comments, comment this thread or send me a PM


Current Whitelist:

(Those without a group next to their name have not logged onto the server or do not have a user file. If you believe this is in error please let me know)

  • vigorousjammer (W)
  • mastertom (W)
  • villainy (A)
  • winsord (D)
  • halfdeaf (D)
  • caeseriii (D)
  • cesson (D)
  • spankmealotus (D)
  • dunchad (D)
  • dagts (D)
  • happenstance (D)
  • wolvodin (D)
  • pumphernickle (D)
  • amos333 (D)
  • z0m8135 (D)
  • joseffthered (D)
  • tmthomsen (D)
  • pgray1214 (D)
  • gester2k (D)
  • jasondesante (D)
  • crazyleaves (D)
  • FuzzyLongcat (D)
  • Capum15 (D)
  • DarkstarKOP (D)
  • ShadowKOP (D)
  • CoaltrainKOP (D)
  • zackman59 (D)
  • Hoffafiles (D)
  • Gnubberen (D)
  • Sarkahn (D)
  • poppns (D)
  • Hizang (D)
  • toolus (D)
  • spiralcut (D)
  • AleksH2O (D)
  • SxyToad (D)
  • g0mb3
  • kuksugarklas10
  • pjcdad
  • living4theday258
  • momosauky
  • ajshrestha
  • pazy160
  • nerdsbeware!
  • epicblade2000
  • thegimpygamer
  • delllirium
  • petroscum
  • jdon1990
  • coopdegra
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I'm trying to figure out how to use the modselect on the Technic Launcher... but It's just grayed out. I'm also guessing the Technic launcher doesn't include any of the other three mods?

Edit: oh, duh, I'm a dumbass... I didn't realize those were all Bukkit plugins, and I can just load Tekkit.

Edit 2: Oh, can I also be white-listed? Minecraft username is vigorousjammer.

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I forgot about the whitelist thing, your user has been added.

If you haven't seen the mods in action, I recommend the yogscast channels, duncan in particular has a great entertaining tutorial series


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hmmm...sounds interdasting...can you white list me too??


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@roughneck117: added

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@beardfish: Can I be whitelisted too? Id like to try out Tekkit and see the crazy things you built.

Minecraft username: Pazy160

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@Pazy: added

It's a fresh seed, haven't had the chance to do any builds yet. I placed spawn in a small npc village next to a volcano. I was planning on building that out and setting up a geothermal energy facility over the volcano.

There's a few volcanos and big cliffs over water so there's plenty of other good spots as well. It's flat as well which is nice.

Creeper explosions are currently disabled because it's awful when they bust up your pipes.

This weekend I'll make a point to configure the mods a bit more, designate areas and warp points and go from there.

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@beardfish said:

I forgot about the whitelist thing, your user has been added.

If you haven't seen the mods in action, I recommend the yogscast channels, duncan in particular has a great entertaining tutorial series


I'm really only familiar with Industrialcraft 2 and Buildcraft, personally. I set that up manually a while ago before I had heard about the Technic Launcher (which is probably about 10x easier to set up).

I have been watching the Yogscast Tekkit series, not any of Duncan's videos, though, mostly Lewis' channel, and a little of Sips' & Sjin's.

btw, I logged on, and couldn't do anything. I tried running kind of far from spawn, too, and it still wouldn't let me. Do I need permissions or something?

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Can you add me to the whitelist

Username: epicblade2000

#10 Posted by MasterTom (84 posts) -

Can i be whitelisted as well?

username: MasterTom

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@epicblade2000 said:

Can you add me to the whitelist

Username: epicblade2000

@MasterTom said:

Can i be whitelisted as well?

username: MasterTom


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@beardfish: thanks mate, but it still says im not white-listed...?

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@beardfish: Oh, so you're hosting this directly on EC2? Do you mind talking about that a little bit? Are there images that specialize in Minecraft servers? How much do you get billed for your instance?

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I've been playing a lot of Technic on my own lately and I love it! So I think it would awesome to join a Tekkit server.

So can I be added to the whitelist too? Username is pgray1214

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@evil_gordita: Using a spot request and just a plain ubuntu AMI, it's set to a max of about 2 cents an hour. There are other costs associated with EC2 hosting, disk IOs, bandwidth, storage and elastic IP's - but there are free tiers for these that a minecraft server seems like it would hold under.

Probably the biggest unexpected cost would be IO requests, as they'll add up real quick just as the world is generated. I haven't gone past free tier there so I'm not sure what that winds up costing.

Other than that it seems I really messed up the mods, vigorousjammer was on earlier and the poor guy couldn't even talk. So i've just relaunched it sans certain permissions mods, I hope this helps.

Apparently I'm pretty terrible at spelling, I fixed up and reloaded the whitelist so anybody having troubles should be ok now.

Again I'll try to get this up and running a lot better this weekend, this was kind of a pet project while I was at work to seem more busy since being on PuTTy always looks super crazy to passerbys

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I'll have to try this out tomorrow

#17 Posted by Dellirium (2 posts) -

Hey, I am quite interested in trying this out can you whitelist




Thanks and i hope this server will be up for a long time :)

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@Dellirium: Added

Today I'm running through some updates and trying to find a different "Worldguard" esque bukkit plugin to take care of some various permission issues. I should have it up and running solid in a couple of hours.

If anybody has any recommendations for plugins I'm all ears

#19 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2851 posts) -

Is it possible that the version of worldguard you were using was newer and made for 1.3 or something?

I'm pretty sure Tekkit currently only runs on 1.2.5, so maybe if you can find an old version of worldguard?

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Have been on the server from time to time... it seems real solid and stable on my end. Got my own little place :)

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whitelist please

user name jdon1990

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I haven't gotten into Minecraft in a while, maybe a GB server is a good place to do it. Username is Winsord.

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@jdon1990: @Winsord: added

sorry for the delay

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@Vigorousjammer: I'll have to look into that, a mod like that would be good, just to have a little bit more control

On a side note, I logged in the other day and blew up my macerator while trying to rewire my solar / wind array.

I like the road you started vigorousjammer, looks good and the railings on your roof look complete

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momosauky for whitelist please.

#26 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2851 posts) -

@beardfish: yeah, those railings have been finished for a while. Still not sure if I want the road's sidewalks to be quite as elevated as they are, or if I should cut them in half with a handsaw, just for aesthetics.

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@1momosauky: added

#28 Posted by nerdsbeware (270 posts) -

Add Nerdsbeware! I'll come take a look around.

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@nerdsbeware: added

#30 Posted by Halfdeaf (76 posts) -

Sounds like a lot of fun.

Can you whitelist me: Halfdeaf

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@Halfdeaf: added

#32 Posted by caeserIII (6 posts) -

Can you please whitelist me: caeseriii Thanks in advance!

#33 Posted by cesson (51 posts) -

I've been looking for a good tekkit server. I'd love to tekkit it up with the giant bomb community.

Whitelist me cesson, Thanks.

#34 Posted by Spankmealotus (316 posts) -

I would be interested in checking it out as well. The few dudes I played tekkit with quit playing. Minecraft name same as here.

#35 Posted by beardfish (119 posts) -

@Spankmealotus: @cesson: @caeserIII: added

viciousjammer and I have added a ton to the area. I'm going to be taking the server down for maintenance to see if i can enable the dynmap plugin (info in op) so you guys can see what we've been up to.

#36 Posted by beardfish (119 posts) -

Hey guys,

I've updated the OP, there's new hosting information. Please use the following:


and for dynmap:


The old DNS records will continue to work, but if i have to make any dns changes they will only be updated on the new stuff just fyi

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Hmh. It's been ages since I started up Minecraft - might be fun to tinker around with Tekkit a bit, so could you whitelist me as well. Same username as here.

EDIT2: Nm. Seems I'm whitelisted already, thanks! I guess you just forgot to mention it.

#38 Posted by coopdegra (39 posts) -

Hi, just looking to see what all this Tekkit jazz is about

Whitelist please, Coopdegra

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Please whitelist Silver2403. Thanks. Sounds just like the type of server i have been looking for.

#40 Posted by AwesomePenguin55 (2 posts) -

please Whitelist "AwesomePenguin55" thanks

#41 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2851 posts) -

Hey Beardy, I think I should mention... Deathchest didn't work for me in the Nether.

#42 Edited by beardfish (119 posts) -

@coopdegra: added

@Vigorousjammer: It's something to do with the Essentials groups and 'mirrors' or something like that, i'll take a look at it

#43 Posted by dagts (8 posts) -

I would love to play som tekkit with the community!

Please whitelist user "dagts".

Thanks, Beardy!

#44 Posted by Happenstance (492 posts) -

Hey, any chance I could get added to the whitelist? It would be nice to get back onto a Tekkit server with people actually playing again.

My Minecraft username is just Happenstance

#45 Posted by beardfish (119 posts) -

@dagts: @Happenstance: added

#46 Posted by Happenstance (492 posts) -

Are there any rules for building or resource collecting?

#47 Posted by beardfish (119 posts) -

@Happenstance: Not too much, a limit of 1 world anchor for performance reasons. I'd prefer it if empty quarry holes were either built over or covered like the one in the middle of the village

#48 Posted by iado_nieka (3 posts) -

@beardfish: I would like to play on the server.. Minecraft name: shadowfight89

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Hey mind adding me to the server: Silver 2403

#50 Posted by caeserIII (6 posts) -

Question: Is there anyway to move up to the next level? eg Duder to Wizard.