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So, I was in the 7/11 today, and a bag of potato chips caught my eye. They said they were flavored like hot dogs. Now, with the inquisitive pallet that I have, I couldn't resist buying a bag. I was really expecting the worst, but they weren't bad! I've included a video of myself tasting them for your viewing pleasure, but here's a spoiler: they kind of just taste like mustard.

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Weird ass limited time snack food is a fickle mistress. I'm a fan of candy cane oreos, but the candy CORN ones are fuckin' rancid. I also remember a thanksgiving where some jokester brought around a case of holiday sampler soda that included Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry Sauce, and Mashed Potatoes with Turkey sodas. They were about as appetizing as you'd imagine.

That being said, what kind of weird ass snack foods have you tried and liked? What have you hated?

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Does anyone else remember the All Nighter Cheeseburger Doritos? Those were pretty good and you could make out all the flavors in every chip (pickles, ketchup, mustard etc.). I hope they brings those back.

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This is all kinds of wrong. I have had kebab-flavored potato chips in Eastern Europe before. Now those are truly awful...they taste like terrible potato chips sprinkled liberally with lamb-flavored Ramen powder. Blech.

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@broomhitches: Those things were crazy, it was like wizardry how distinct everything was! I haven't seen a novelty chip since that so deftly earned its namesake.

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You know what they say:

"When it's either mustard or suicide..."

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@mb: That sounds like an experience. I figured I'd try these because the chicken and waffle lays are okay, which to me means that anything goes as far as meat chips are concerned. These are totally serviceable mustard chips, though, if that's your thing.

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Meat chips.

I just wanted to say that.

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ew 711 food

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have you ever had mustard flavored chips?

(Edit: way to eat my entire post GB. :/ )

It sounds like whoever decided on the flavor was a Chicago hawt dawg fan.

It reminds of the time I bought some Lay's "Ruffles MAX" Flame Grilled Steak, flavored chips. Tasted like licking a grill. The chips were great though.

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@tsutohiro: I have never had chips that purport to be mustard flavored, but after today I certainly had mustard chips. I just wasn't expecting it!

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@quid_pro_bono: Yeah they were awesome. Unfortunately, I never got to taste the Late Night Taco and Jalapeno Popper ones.

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@bigjeffrey: There is a 7/11 about 200 feet from my apartment so I tend to grab garbage from there kind of a lot. Normally never any 7/11 food specifically, though. Like, I'm not going to eat the shit out of their hot box.

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Along the way, in the search to find 'weiner flavored potato chips,' I found this.

Oh well.

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If you like weird flavoured chips then if you are ever in Canada hit up a Superstore/Loblaws/Extra Foods/Maxi they always have weird flavour of chips.

Of the ones I can think of Hamburger, Tandori Chicken, Maple Bacon, Poutine and Jamaican Jerk.

I always think of weird flavours when I think of that store. They actually just started making/selling chocolate pop, I bought three bottles because it was a limited edition, I took one sip and put it back in my fridge and so it sits till the end of time.

As for weird snack food, though I am not too sure how weird it is, is Peanut butter and pretzel chocolate bar.

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@katimanic: Poutine chips seems really confusing because you guys call fries chips, right? So, it's like... gravy and cheese covered chip chips. I think?

That chocolate bar seems really great. I had a beef jerky chocolate bar once, and it was RADICAL.

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Im so mad I never got to have those chicken wing flavored ruffles

and yall need to stop hating on 711 food, its increedible

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This is slightly off-topic, but I used to dip my crunchy Cheetos in chocolate Snack Packs (pudding). It's actually surprisingly good.

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hot dog potato chips are good.. I had them from 7-Eleven myself... If you read the ingredients, they're just potato chips flavored with things that often go on hot dogs.

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This is slightly off-topic, but I used to dip my crunchy Cheetos in chocolate Snack Packs (pudding). It's actually surprisingly good.

You crossed the streams!

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@broomhitches: That doesn't sound insanely far off from fries in a chocolate frosty, so I feel ya

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Here in Sweden a company that does carbonated flavored water had "Chocolate Milkshake" as a flavor this summer. And by some witchcraft it tasted exactly like that, with no sugar or anything. I was blown away by how you manage to make water taste like a creamy chocolate milkshake. If we're talking potato chips, Cheeseburger was a fairly recent one. Opening the bag it smelled exactly as I remember a cheeseburger to smell, but the taste was a bit bland.