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#51 Posted by Axersia (1725 posts) -
Balls said:
"Well, yeah I saw those pictures. She's still hot in them although the art design is a bit strange. I didn't even find Celes or the esper chick to be that attractive either. "
We've also established already that this person has a penis.

Looks like you're gay now. Sorry man. :P
#52 Posted by Balls (574 posts) -

Is Gau really a guy? I really thought she was genderless if anything.  :(

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Balls said:
"DJ_LaFleur said:
"Ummm, celes isn't the main bad guy in VI...and I'm pretty certain Gau is male.

Anyways, Tifa..."
Oh, I never played FFVI. But Celes is at one point a bad guy right? And I think that Gau is supposed to be genderless like Birdo."
I think she worked for the Empire? Damn, I need to pick up a copy of Final Fantasy VI Advance.

Oh, and Gau? Totally a guy.
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Can I point out how horrible/awesome all the caption rhyming of the original post is?

#55 Posted by Balls (574 posts) -
logson said:
"Can I point out how horrible/awesome all the caption rhyming of the original post is?
 Horrible/awesome? Is that more horrible or more awesome?
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uh, gau was a guy,


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Amen brother. I'm starting tho think that Gau is a guy. :(

Still hot though.
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hottest Final Fantasy chick.  This one, by far

On a serious note, this.  Why?  Because something about it looks real.   Very, very real.   Not talking about it being high quality CGI, but the whole pose and all.  Reminds me of people I know.

#61 Posted by Axersia (1725 posts) -

New FF Agito XIII screenshot.

Male or female, what do you guys think?

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Dissolve said:
"To link an image, use html with the HTML editing button and type <img src="http://blahblah.com/blah.jpg"> like that.

My dream girls are Tifa and Lulu

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Axersia said:
"New FF Agito XIII screenshot.

Male or female, what do you guys think?"
Based on just that image, my gut instinct is to say male.
#65 Posted by Balls (574 posts) -

Whatever it is, it's hot and I'd practice dork bonking with it.

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Balls said:
"BoG said:
"Uh, you know, I am pretty sure Gau is a guy. I mean, if you're cool with that, then that's cool. Just thought I would point that out.
I've always had a crush on Garnet, so you know.
Also, has anyone else notied how most of them are brunettes? Celes, Rikku, and I believe Rosa are like the only FF blondes.
How is this:
Gau, just tell me where to stick it.

a girl?
what the hell has Tara Reid got to do with FF?
#67 Posted by Balls (574 posts) -

See? I think tara Reid is hot.

#68 Posted by atejas (3151 posts) -
Balls said:
"See? I think tara Reid is hot."

Balls said:
Hottest FF chick

Anomaly detected.
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WilliamRLBaker said:
"none of them? they are game chicks...as for that the most recent ones you could actually see worth a damn are decidedly asian looking and i dont find hardly any asian women hot.
Guess what? Most all of the realistic game characters in games produced in the west look like Europeans or Americans....so you can't really hurt on Square for having Asian looking characters.
#70 Posted by Balls (574 posts) -

Yeah, I think it would be pretty silly if it wasn't like that.

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#72 Posted by DualReaver (3792 posts) -

Rikku FO SHO

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#74 Posted by Demyx (3240 posts) -

Rikku, TIfa, and maybe Lulu

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#76 Posted by Whittico (24 posts) -

Trying not to laugh at the epic Conan pic, Rikku, Tifa, Lulu, and Mr. O'Brien

#77 Posted by atheistium (421 posts) -
Axersia said:
Because someone had to
#78 Posted by AgentAMi6 (298 posts) -

Rinoa Owns all others

#79 Posted by Jordan23 (1097 posts) -
Tifa Lockhart
#80 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Excluding #5 they were bad choices for pics
But good list =D

Gaming Chicks FTW

#81 Edited by solidphoenix (293 posts) -

My personal top 5 list is:
5. Rikku
4. Aerith
3. Yuna
2. Rinoa
1. Tifa

Mind you, I think getting a real girl is more important than obsessing over polygons and pixels.

#82 Posted by ShadowSkill11 (1879 posts) -

Ill go with the chick with the bright reddish hair in the newest FF13 trailer.

#83 Posted by DJ_Lae (671 posts) -

Quistis. Without a doubt.

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Axersia said:
"New FF Agito XIII screenshot.

Male or female, what do you guys think?

I'd say male. But a very feminine male. Even more feminine than vaan, and I didn't think that was possible.

And to answer the TC's question, I'd have to go for yuna.
#85 Posted by ShadowSkill11 (1879 posts) -
Axersia said:
"New FF Agito XIII screenshot.

Male or female, what do you guys think?

My vote is guy.... or hermaphrodite.
#86 Posted by Jordan23 (1097 posts) -
... and Tifa Lockhart will kick any of those other Final Fantasy femme fatales arses!
#87 Posted by lord_canti (1657 posts) -

yuffie.......i have to be the only person who likes here in that way or at all lol. also  lulu