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It seems ridiculous to me that Star Trek is as terrible, or at the very least uninspired, as the reviews coming in seem to suggest. I'm not saying making a fantastic game is an easy task by any means but when I think about a Star Trek game and what I want from it it ends up being very close to what made Mass Effect so great. Traveling around the galaxy, having interactions with your crew in between missions, etc. I'm very disheartened (though I probably shouldn't be I guess) that they seem to have missed the mark so badly.

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I have a feeling that, though it was in development for a long time, it wasn't very well funded/supported during the process.

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I've noticed alot of game reviews lately are either all praise (bioshock infinite) or bash the crap out of a game. I don't care about reviews, haven't for ages. So if you want it, go grab it, might suck, but hey, whatever.

Also, its a movie video game, those like, always suck, don't they?

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Have you seen the quick look? It looks bad.

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I would love a Star Trek game made by Bioware that was a complete rip-off of Mass Effect.

But if they mixed in ship combat that was more like FTL that would be fucking awesome.

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Easily. It's a licensed game. They are often very hit or miss, mostly miss. This specifically was a movie game set to release around the time of a big movie. So, it wasn't just a game made in the universe of Star Trek; it was made with the express purpose of capitalizing on a movie. Besides being uninspiring, the game also appears unfinished and unpolished, and some blame of that is likely on the necessity of it releasing along with the movie instead of taking additional time to release when it is at least truly finished.

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@theht: I thought it looked pretty good in the quick look. It has some faults yes. But it did not look bad.

In fact, the quick look convinced me to buy the game.

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You know, it's very possible to make a game that awesome as described in the opening post. In fact, they already did with Star Trek The 25th Anniversary. Unfortunately nothing has come close since then.

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Man I would forgive them if they just made a really good Mass Effect clone set it the Star Trek Universe.

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If you want to scratch that Star Trek itch, I'd say the Mass Effect series is your best bet. Also ftl as a lite ship simulator

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You must be very young to be asking this question.... because frankly... history has shown us it couldn't be anything else...

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I watched the first 5 minutes of the quick look and it looked pretty terrible, like a budget $20 game. I might rent it from Red Box, but I wouldn't buy this if you held a gun to my head...and I like Star Trek....

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Star Trek is actually a pretty hard series to do justice, because it's all about relationships between characters and ship-based battles (or other, non-battle dilemmas in the case of the series), while the hand to hand battles are always kind of 'eh' (though the latest movie did better than most). As such, only the weakest of Star Trek's three pillars actually translates into a game type that people already know how to make. And if you think someone's going to make a licensed movie game that revolutionizes the genre... well, I'm sad for you, because I would hate to know such disappointment.

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You must be very young to be asking this question.... because frankly... history has shown us it couldn't be anything else...

No, I've been following games long enough to realize that license games are usually mediocre at best and even if it was a mediocre ME rip off with Star Trek characters I would have been on board. But, all the videos I've seen have been just another third person, shoot that dude, cover based shooter which is the direct opposite of what makes Star Trek awesome IMO.

You guys are right, I did get my hopes up too high because it's Star Trek, but having the template out there for so many years and not using it bums me out.

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Not many reviews out there yet but yeah it's pretty average, hard to tell if it mostly because it's the new reboot universe or just being a 3rd person action-adventure game that's not that great. I'll rent this to see for myself but I'll stick with the MMORPG for Star Trek as that's been the best so far in recent games in the franchise.

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I do not know about how the reviews are going, but that body melding in the QL convinced me it was not the greatest game ever made. I seem to have more faith in reviews than many other. I assume the reviewer I choose to read isn't trying to burn me, and from experience I feel mostly vindicated. All I can say is the game looked competent, except for that terrible clipping through another charator. But competent is still a far cry from good/worth my while to play.

I have to throw it at digital extremes. I read the article about the anguish of Dark Sector, and I luved that trailer..it rocked. And I hope the best for War Frame. But hey Digital Extreme guys.....between whats in your heads and reality, there lies the shadow.

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The game looked OK before the late title card after that, Everything looked AWFUL, suddenly the shaders stop hiding the ugliness that was barely being hidden, I've shown the QL to two separate people with the same reactions the first half of the video they were both baffled and said the game looked fairly good but as soon as it transitions you see the UGLY!

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It's a movie tie in game for a crappy reboot that has nothing to do with the series it's based on outside of some names and art designs. How could it not be bad? I know it will never happen but I'm holding out for a RPG set in real Star Trek that is all about avoiding combat and diplomacy. When combat has to break out it's small turn based squad combat involving a small handful of people. What makes Star Trek great can't be done justice in a shooter.

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How could Star Trek (the game) not suck so badly? It's the movie game plague.

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It's because we live in a crazy, crazy world. Cats chasing dogs! Anarchy in the streets!

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Do yourself a favour and go play the old Interplay adventure games instead.

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It's actually not that hard for a game to suck that badly.

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Because it's a licensed game rushed to meet not one, but TWO different dates, and shuffled around on the whims of a marketing team. I'm surprised the game functions as much as it does to be honest.

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It didn't look too bad in the QL. Just kind of generic and uninspired.

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What about a TellTale Star Trek game where you are the captain and decide on your crew and what your relationship with them will be?

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@jdh5153 said:

I watched the first 5 minutes of the quick look and it looked pretty terrible, like a budget $20 game. I might rent it from Red Box, but I wouldn't buy this if you held a gun to my head...and I like Star Trek....

You really wouldnt spend 60 bucks to buy a crappy game if your life depended on it? If i actually held a gun to your head and said "buy this game or i'll kill you" you wouldnt do it? Thats insane.

I know you don't actually mean that, i'm just pointing out that stupid phrase and how it shouldn't be used since it basically just makes you look like you dont value your own life. Which you should cus you only get 3.

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It's a movie game. Movie games are almost never good. It's been this way for decades. Why were you surprised it turned out to be terrible?