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I've been trying to change my name on and off for years, but it's always alluded me long enough for me to get bored and do something else.

Before I re-up again I kind of want to change it because I'm tired of being Sam Drugbringer. This was a funny joke when I was 14.

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@samdrugbringer: Not sure, but I would suggest contacting Rorie about it. He'd be the most-likely one to know.

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Hover over your username in the top right. Then select 'billing.' Choose to change email/password. The first box should let you change your username. I believe you have to have re-subscribed in order to do it.

Hope this helps!

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I've actually been trying to do this for the past 5 or so minutes now. Just constantly gives me " woops, something went wrong! " or whatever.

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Alright, so I try to change my name to Nephrahim, but it says that name is already used.

Then I log in to that account... and it puts me back here.

I think this is related to back when this was a joint Whisky Media account, I used Nephrahim for the other sites, somehow this site has both names, but it only says samdrubringer when I post. I'm guessing I'll need a mod or something to help?

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Good idea!

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I am also trying to change my username but it does not work at the moment. I'm guessing that it's a database thing that will be sorted out eventually.