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How do you do it on the new site? Thanks.

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Do you mean "watch them"? I don't think you could download videos from the site onto a phone before. Streaming them, on the other hand, is something you could do then and you can do now. I know, I was watching the Aliens Colonial Marines Quick Look on my iPhone while drinking coffee and watching the news this morning.

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There's a giantbomb app you can get. (If you're on an iPhone) mind telling us, what phone you have?

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On the old mobile site the videoplayer was basically an image with a link to the .mp4 file. When clicking it on my android phone it gave me the choice to stream it or download the file.

Now the videoplayer seems to be a real html5 video player, and it's kinda broken on my HTC Incredible S. It would be nice with a small direct link to the video file for logged in subscribers.

@vegetashonor: If you are on android, try this app: Whiskey Media Video Buddy. It lets you stream and download videos from Giant Bomb.

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@forcen: At the moment, the android application is not working, it stop updating after yesterday, the same way it did with screened videos around the time of the sale.

I used that app all the time. It worked great and saved me a lot of time and effort... I am expecting the creator to update it soon, but since its not "official", I don't know if he will.

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You absolutely could dl on the old site. I have a galaxy s3 and this is annoying. I really want to figure this out. Anything would be nice.

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If you have android (don't know about other phones) download Chrome, in the menu there is a setting "request desktopversion" select that and the download buttons appear :-)

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@nictel: just saved my ass dude!!! Awesome!!! Seriously thank you!

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