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Over my years as a gamer I have purchased a few collectors editions for memorablia and in game content. A majority of what I own is displayed affectionetly through out my apartment and often inspires me to pick up a game I may have enjoyed months or even years ago. There are however a few pieces in my collection that sit buried in a pile collecting dust and I sometimes feel ashamed that I spent $99 to $150 on something that was over hyped. For example Age Of Conan, I loved the art work and potential the game had, but I, like many others, was very disapointed in the game itself. Im curious how the giant bomb community decides on buying collectors editions and what you do with merchandise you wish you never bought into. Do you sell it on e-bay, or like me do you keep it because you loved its potential? What happends to your statues next console generation? What Collectors Editions have you purchased/ or plan to purchase this holiday season?

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If they're cool, I'll buy them. Heres a list of recent one's I've purchased:

Prince of Persia Collectors (free upgrade for preordering)

Assassin's Creed 1 2 B R.

Uncharted 3.

God Of War 3

Batman Arkham City


Most were pretty good.

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i usually don't buy collectors edition. the last one that i bought was modern warfare 2. i enjoyed the night vision goggles. i use them from time to time to look for the cats.

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I don't really care about them. I've bought two collector's editions, MGS3 and Dark Souls, only because both of them were the same price as the normal game.

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Most of the time they're a fucking scam, really the only one I've enjoyed purchasing was the GTAIV Collector edition.

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I like collector's editions. While it costs more, they generally give interesting bonuses for the hardcore fans. In saying that I will only buy a collector's edition if it gives you something physical or something equivalent. I bought the Batman:AC collector's edition because it came with a really cool batman statue. I feel that in game bonuses that some CE offer are just superficial and do not make me want to spend the extra money.

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I have lots of those limited edition ones that are only maybe 10€ more compared to the regular edition (all the halo games, mgs3, alan wake, fallout 3, mass effect 2, dark souls and so on).

Then there are the proper collector edition ones that are packed with cool stuff. From this category starcraft 2 is the only worth mentioning and it holds a very visible spot in my living room. i think it's the best collector edition in a long time.

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I used to dig them, but now?

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Last one I got was Street Fighter IV. What a great set of extras. That Viper toy thing sure is something >.>