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Posted by hexvector (12 posts) 2 years, 3 months ago

Poll: How do you keep track of your game backlog and unreleased wishlist? (126 votes)

Giantbomb Lists 16%
Game collection app (post which one) 10%
Pencil and Paper 6%
I have good memory 30%
I don't keep track 35%
Other (post your method) 22%
#51 Posted by Krataur (462 posts) -

I use Backloggery for my collection and an Excel file for upcoming games I'm interested in, with their release date, price, and actual price I end up paying for them.

#52 Posted by me3639 (2006 posts) -

I have a small whiteboard beside my desk i keep important notes. Games i still have yet to play being important.

#53 Edited by crusader8463 (14755 posts) -

I use GB lists for both. It's far from elegant and could be a whole lot better, but its the best I have found so far. Sadly the site redesign made "Wishlist" super god dam hard to add games to by removing the add to list option on games pages. I really hope they get that stuff working again. This is my current Wishlist. It's hard to keep track of games these days because there's just so dam many coming out. It's even harder when half the games are small indie stuff that never get added to the site and I'm always too lazy to do it myself.

Any who, I just use my Collecting Dust: Back Log list for my console stuff. I have so many dam PC games on Steam that it would need its own list and is a separate beast all to itself. I hate having such a huge backlog too. Every time I buy a new game I feel dirty for buying it when I'm literally looking at a shelf full of over a hundred games that have never been open and and hundreds more a few mouse clicks away on my PC.

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I used that decide-o-tron app that the penny arcade peeps made.

#55 Posted by Wheady (115 posts) -

@ezakael said:

I just use backloggery.com. does the job quite nicely.

same here, great site!

#56 Edited by Gill (143 posts) -

I periodically buy a load of games at once, then spend a few months playing them one after the other. I don't keep track of unreleased games.

Ya'll work too hard.

#57 Posted by SeanFoster (912 posts) -

Steam Favorites is my "To-Do" list and the Steam Wishlist is my, uh, Wishlist.

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Usually just play whatever I feel like playing at the time. If I spend too much time organizing my playtime then it feels like a job.