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I wana take a shot at some harder games(am gona re download megaman 9 demo now) but these games frustrate the hell out of me with their difficulty. Im not her to start bitching about them, in fact its quite the opposite I wana give em a shot and try to play harder games. How do you keep yourself going in these games? What keeps you going? How do you stay calm, or even if you dont what makes you NOT ragequit?


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I don't think I've ever raged at a game in my life. I only keep going after many failures if I feel the game isn't being cheap and I'm still enjoying myself.

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@redloopz: When life is getting you down, what keeps you going? When things are crappy, what keeps you from raging?

For a game, just keep in mind that it's a game. It's a system. And even when the system is frustrating, progressing in it is worth it. The hope of beating it is worth it. Playing the game is itself worth it.

And when you get really frustrated, just take a few minutes and then get back to it.

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Punch a wall

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I'm quite stubborn. I'll sometimes endure hours of rage before I try to relax. I absolutely cannot stand losing in fighting games. Which sucks, because losses definitely do come. I should really stop playing long sets against players who are clearly far stronger than I am. But damn, I hate giving up. That hate for giving in, and that thirst for that "W" is what keeps me going.

Still, sometimes I wish I didn't love fighting games so much. T_T

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@redloopz: just stop playing. Once you start getting frustrated you need to just stop, nothing makes you worse at a game then getting angry.

It's nice to have an easy go to game for when you start getting frustrated, like animal crossing. Alternately just go do something else.

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frustration and rage when playing games was something that just went away as i grew up. its a teen thing i think

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Start drinking. It makes you play worse but you just don't care anymore.

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Multiplayer is usually the only thing that frustrates me. Oddly, this isn't because of the other people; I get most irritated with myself for missing a shot or something stupid.

I used to throw controllers and punch holes in walls, but I've mellowed out a little in recent years. I still occasionally slam my hands down on my bed or desk when I get annoyed, just not as frequently as I used to.

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Start drinking. It makes you play worse but you just don't care anymore.

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Punch a wall

I actually had a friend who did that and broke his hand.

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Punch a wall

I actually had a friend who did that and broke his hand.

Oh man, I did that a few times and might hand was bruised and sore for a decent while. I definitely do not recommend it.

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What was that term the Bombcast coined a few years ago that referred to leaving a game when you're becoming frustrated, and then to come back and succeed as you're mind is in a calmer state? Whatever it was, I'd do that.

I remember I came very close to breaking my first controller the day I tried to do the final marine mission of Aliens Vs Predator (2010) on Nightmare difficulty. I'd keep failing at the very last moment, and would have to do that entire mission again. Quite frustrating.

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constant masturbation

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Megaman games are maybe not the best "hard" games to start with. Something like Super Meat Boy or Trials is perhaps a better choice because they get you back into the action quickly and their difficulty is execution-based rather than the full-on level memorization and boss experimentation required by a Megaman or a Souls game.

The key to not raging is not to rage. It's only a game, games are fixed systems, hard games only require that you learn how to use and exploit their systems. If you let yourself get mad at a game, the game has beaten you. Ideally, you're playing a difficult game because you enjoy overcoming its challenges, there should be a trade-off between initial maddening frustrations and eventual delicious triumphs.

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Get a hammer and go out at night and find some homeless people and- brb gotta go.

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Kick back and relax. Put on a Bombcast or an ER in the background. Have plenty of time - an hour at least. Don't go in expecting to beat a level, just play and have a good time. Do not pay the individual try any mind. Suddenly deaths become meaningless, you get slowly better and better and eventually you are going to beat it.

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Set it to a lower setting and if it's still frustrating I either look up a guide to try and get past the annoying part or stop playing if it is still annoying past that. There's too many games out there to spend any amount of time getting frustrated with it. I will also sometimes take a few hours or a day away from it and then see if it's just as annoying when I get back. Sometimes you just need to reset the brain.

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prep urself before playing. for me, if i know before hand that im gonna be playing a game that is considered hard, or playing a game on a hard difficulty i find it easier when the game starts smacking me in the face lol.

also, i find i don't get too frustrated with games games that do difficulty right because most of the time when i die, i know its my fault, not the games fault.

i also try to laugh it off when I die.

and if worse comes to worse? turn it off and walk away, lol. cool off and when u come back to it ull get past the part u were stuck on almost every time.

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It's more about the game and less about me most of the time. I've found that some games the failure state feels justified. So while it's a bummer, I don't get frustrated. While other games I find myself being annoyed with because I feel like I should have made it. But it's also about how fast the game lets me get back in the game again. Waiting for too long is poison.

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When I begin to become frustrated at classic games (like Castlevania) or even newer games (like Dark Souls), it always helps me to take a step back and ask myself, "What is this game expecting of me?" Typically I'm dying because I'm doing something wrong, and I'm getting frustrated because what I'm doing isn't working. After that I can generally calm down and refocus myself. And of course, all that advice is right out the window of the game systems are somehow wrecked or overly obscure (Castlevania II).

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@bigjeffrey said:

Punch a wall

I actually had a friend who did that and broke his hand.

Oh man, I did that a few times and might hand was bruised and sore for a decent while. I definitely do not recommend it.

what is the recommended punching target? I once punched glass so something along those lines....

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@bigjeffrey said:

Punch a wall

I actually had a friend who did that and broke his hand.

Oh man, I did that a few times and might hand was bruised and sore for a decent while. I definitely do not recommend it.

what is the recommended punching target? I once punched glass so something along those lines....

Pillows can be okay as long as there isn't something very hard behind it. Even someone's face is a bit better than a wall.

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If you find yourself getting upset about a game, take a break for at least a couple hours and do something else. It refreshes your brain.

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Masturbate furiously. So furiously

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@redloopz: Not caring about the result. Just play the lulz.

going in with low expectations really helps with games like Mega man. Maybe not in beating them, but it does wonders in enjoying them

Also when you do feel a rage coming on, try to stop one game/attempt before you'd think rage quit and take a break. If you're not cognizant of when that might set a hard limit for yourself of how you'll play a game (e.g. I'll try to only ply 4 matches of Starcraft in row regardless of how I do).

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I just don't. If a game starts to frustrate me I stop playing and go do something fun.

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If a game frustrates me, I usually take a break and play another calming game. Trying to beat a game while frustrated is a lot harder than having a refresh mind going back into it.

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I usually take a break if I get frustrated. The exception is, of course, fighting games where if I am playing against random people I am liable to get very angry. Which is why I don't play fighting games online anymore.

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Quit as soon as it stops being fun. Wait. Repeat.

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I play something that is the total opposite. Demon wiped out my whole party in SMT IV? Time for some Animal Crossing. I can take out my anger on Paula.

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its all a matter of perspective. there are many things in life more frustrating and difficult than a hard video game. so look at hard games as an opportunity to build mental intensity and focus.

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Usually, when I reach the point where I'm exploding out of my chair or making weird noises, I just stop and walk away until it's fun again.

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I don't know why but usually when I'm fed up with repeating a section over and over again in a game, I just turn the sound off and I'd do better. And I usually whistle while doing it too, but I think that's secondary to turning the sound off.

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i just ragequit.

If i'm getting annoyed / frustrated / angry, then i turn the game off.

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simply unplug for a bit, take a break, and then dive right back in.

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I haven't even thought about it before but now that I am, I used to rage hard like 2-3 years ago, I can't say how many controllers I've broken. But now I never get pissed off anymore to the point where I break something, like a lot of people I guess it's just ragequit and be done for a while.