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Note: I realise that this topic is a little odd, kind of hoping replies will convince me that it's not a completely ridiculous idea (but I'll still be doing it anyway)

Over the past two years I've found myself playing fewer and fewer games, for one reason or another. Alongside this, perhaps predictably, I've begun to treasure and look back with rose-tinted spectacles more so than before on games that left a lasting impression.

To compliment these reminiscences I've decided to do something arguably quite nerdy and collect three or so screenshots or evocative pieces of artwork each for the games in question, upload them to a site that prints them out in high quality and posts them, before collecting them into a photo album, a book of game nostalgia as it were.

Have any of you done something similar, or anything else for that matter with which to preserve fond memories of a game?

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I play games and hope for the best... It's worked OK for certain franchises, though otherwise writing up my thoughts (when I can muster the motivation) makes for a great way at solidifying my thoughts and putting them on paper to read again after so much time has passed.

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Lol wow *real* nerdy duder...

I replay games a lot, that's how I remember them I guess.

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I'm trying to save up to get an elgato capture card. I'm finishing up grad school in a year and my best friend since childhood is finishing law school in a year. We don't see each other very much and I'd like to record some gameplay of us playing some games (with us talking) before inevitably we don't see each other at all. Just about every year we play through Kirby superstar together and it's a ton of fun and can be finished in an afternoon. As for personal memories of single player games, just having them on my shelf reminds me about me about them.

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In a word; no. I have not done something similar. I have always felt that if something is worth remembering, I will remember it without the aid of any sort of capture device. In a specifically game-related context, I find myself at the opposite end of the spectrum in that I am playing waaaay more games now than I did in the past and am remembering less from each one. I also have very little interest in remembering portions of what I play. I'm glad you are finding enjoyment out of your method, though. Keep it up, my friend.

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@markini6: Instead of reselling or trading in my games I keep them all as part of my collection. Having them there on the shelf to pull out and look at is enough for me to remember. If I want to re-experience something I'll pop in the console. I play Super Mario 64 at least once a year because it's a game that had a big impact on me when I was young. A friend of mine also has a collection; when we go over to each other's houses we spend a lot of time pulling them out as points of discussion.

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If I forget and wanna remember, i'll read up or replay it.

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@mcfart said:

If I forget and wanna remember, i'll replay it.

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i remember everything

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I don't remember everything, but if a game really had an impact, I usually have some physical representations of it. Whether they be game boxes, guides, art books, pictures, and a lot of things on my computer. It's not unusual to want to have reminders of what have impacted you, whether they be for people, life events, or videogames.

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I've found so many of my friends have sold off or given away their video games, especially older ones. And yet when we start talking about them they almost always wish they hadn't.

So generally I keep them around. I've been living in smaller apartments and homes most of my adult life so what collection I have with me is usually in a box of tucked away on a shelf. I'd prefer to have them more readily playable and on display though. I like the idea that at any time if I want to spend an evening play an old game I remember so well I can.

I also buy newer iterations when they become available. HD remakes for instance have been a pretty good way to re-collect games I played a lot of as a kid without wearing out the original.

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I don't, but it's not a problem purely associated with games. I've forgotten most of my life, which is a good thing believe it or not.

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One reason people remember Pro Sports so well is that they tend to basically unintentionally rehearse them by constantly recounting what they saw to others. Same thing with family stories, at holidays my family tends to tell the same stories over and over.

Like @video_game_king mentioned blogging or retelling your experience thorugh conversation is probably the best way I know how to remember them.

That's a major reason why I like to participate on the forums.

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That's actually a pretty cool idea. Nerdy for sure, but cool.

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@mcfart said:

If I forget and wanna remember, i'll read up or replay it.


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I have a drawer of memories. And a plan to record it for a blog.

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This is definitely something important to me, because I've been playing games since I could hold a controller... or box with a joystick and one red button on it. There are tons of games and consoles I've lost over the years. It's mostly because as a kid you don't think of these things, parents wanna clear out junk from the entertainment center, not enough outlets for all the consoles, not enough space for all the games, etc.

So to keep those really old ones near and dear to my heart, I simply just have a bunch of emulators and roms and am in the process of trying to get all the games I remember playing. I've also used the opportunity to play older ones I never tried, so it's been nostalgic and new at the same time.

As far as a real collection, I have a modest DVD shelf that's about 6' tall and I have a small collection of games for the GameCube, Wii, 360, PSOne, PS2, and PS3. There are a couple of stores in NYC that have a lot of older stuff, so from time to time I check them out and buy one or two old ones that I want in my collection. Having them around, right next to my desk, is a great way to keep the memories close. It's also a pretty inexpensive way to do it. The stores that sell the old games sell them used and you can check the condition they're in before you buy, make sure they have the booklet, etc., and they're usually under $5.

As far as PC games go, I never got to play them growing up. I was always a console gamer and we never had a PC that could handle games anyway. Not until January of 2013 did I finally build my own gaming PC. Since them, I haven't touched the consoles cuz I've had literally hundreds of amazing PC games to catch up on that I've been missing out on since I was young. It's cool to create a whole new set of memories for PC games now and since they are all downloaded games I can't display them so to counter that, I use an app on my phone and an app on my PC to catalog them all with cover art, info, etc. It's pretty cool so far.

So, long story long, there you go. Keep them around in any way you can and play whenever you can. Display them, catalog them, write about them, talk about them with friends or on message boards like this one, etc. It's all we can do.