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On this most recent Bombcast the crew talked about the way they like playing games...Jeff likes to sit on the edge of his bed really close to the TV, unless it's a computer game which he prefers to sit at the desk. Brad likes to slump on the couch. I've discovered that the vast majority of the time, I just lie on the floor semi propped up against my Cuddlebag or a couch. Often the controller is above/behind my head too. It's a little ridiculous.

How do you play games?

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I prefer a chair and close to the tv, I also prefer a smaller tv for specific games. I try and lay down and stuff and it just fucks me up

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I slump on the couch with my laptop for PC games. For console gaming, usually I sit on the edge of the couch, sometimes I kneel down in front of the couch or sit on the armrests (I'm really fidgety). I tried using the TV as a PC monitor but the latency can get unbearable at times.

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Most of the time, I'm straight up laying down on the couch since it's perpendicular to the TV and it's the closest than the other couch I would be able to sit and view.

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lol really?

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Edge of the couch, my TV is a distance away.

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The way my room is set up, I can only play games in my computer chair about 3 feet from the tv. I'd like a couch or a nice recliner but I don't have the room. For handhelds I lie on my bed holding it up, like a book.

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Lying down on my bed, and sitting up in stressful situations. I also like recliners since you can get a similar effect. I don't like being too far from the screen, though.

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I do my best video game playing when I am sitting on the floor in front of my TV. I've always played like that I guess.

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Edge of my bed for console, slouched slightly forward in chair for most PC games.

Also: Controller behind your head? I'm having trouble picturing how that would work.

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I bought a cozy armchair I use for both PC and console games. I made sure I could just relax my arms on the armrests and lie back while using a keyboard and mouse, it's pretty awesome.

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Computer chair for everything, but I'd love a couch.

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Reverse cowgirl.

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I always sit in a chair. Usually leaning forward.

I've tried lying in my bed. Doesn't work, because my limbs start losing feeling or I just get restless. I need to be at attention at all fucking times.

Whenever somebody says "oh I lounge back on a couch 15 feet away from the TV because I play games to be RELAXED" I just get the mental image of Jabba the Hutt sitting on that retarded throne he had.

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@Ghostiet said:

Reverse cowgirl.

God damn it, beat me to it.

Anyway, I usually sit in a chair. Weird, right?

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I prefer to lean back in a couch controller in hand. For my current setup though I, like Jeff, sit at the edge of the bed.

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Tiger Fist position but then I will transition into Eagle Crane when the action heats up before returning to Drunken Monkey during cutscenes.

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I play mostly PC games nowadays so in my computer chair. When I play console games, the only place I have to sit is my bed (which is currently a mattress on the floor). It is in the middle of the room so I have no place to lean my back against. Most of the time, I will lay on my sides and play but occasionally I will play sitting up. It isn't optimal, especially since I have shitty posture.

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I game laying down on my bed, as a kid I would play laying on the floor. But if I am going to game for a while sit in a chair.

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The missionary position.... Were talking about intercourse right?

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It like to sit as close as possible to the screen. For PC games, it's at my desk. For console games, I slide my desk chair over 3 feet, put my feet up on the TV stand, and play right there in front of the screen. I've never been a big "couch gamer".

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I play most PS3 games sitting on my couch with my feet on the futon-part of the sofa. Reeeeal chilled out. The lone exeption is driving games, where I lean forward. I CANNOT drive fast while leaning back. I play handheldgames wherever, but never in bed, that just doesn´t work for me. I´m new to pc gaming, but I do that at a table with my laptop on it.

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Lazy boy reclined all the way back, controller held behind my head for most games, held in front and sitting in my office chair if it's a fighting game.

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Face down. Ass up. That's the way I like to play video games.

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In my living room, couch. PC gaming mostly, and only recently playing with a keyboard and mouse (Guild Wars 2s fault). Feet on coffeetable and socks off. Always.

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At my desk, sitting up as straight as possible. A good sitting posture is quite comfortable over long stretches of time.

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On PC, I tend to have a semi-relaxed posture, reclining back in my chair a tiny bit. If I'm using a controller on my PC, I usually recline back in my chair and put my feet up on my desk and relax. On consoles, I tend to sit up on the edge of a firm chair and put my elbows just above my knees. Especially in competitive multilplayer.