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so what do you guys find is the most comfortable position to be in while gaming? for some reason,i can only seem to play a game by moving my chair as close to my tv as possible and literally sitting on the edge of my seat.i dont know why i do this but sitting almost any other way is uncomfortable for me.i know most people like relaxing on the couch or somthing but that just seems like such an alien concept for me. how bout you folks?

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It might be because I'm near-sighted, but I always lean forward and sit fairly close to whatever display device I'm utilizing.

So yeah, that "sit 15 feet back and slouch backwards" is fucking bizarre to me. I'm not trying to fall asleep, I'm trying to play a goddamn game.

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@Terramagi: exactly! somtimes if im playing a fairly mindless game like skyrim or gta and just wandering around i can do it,but with most everything else i need to be in a upright and locked position.

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I like playing while also periodically looking at the Internet. My desk is maybe 10-15 feet away from the TV in the living room. It's at an angle so I tilt the TV toward me. I sit in my office chair while legs crossed on an ottoman.

If I have to concentrate, I move the chair a few inches, push the ottoman away, and lean forward.

Occasionally, I'll sit on the couch.

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i sit back on the couch and chair. pretty comfortable.

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I have a very hard time playing games more than about 2 meters (6 feet) from my TV. Basically that eliminates my couch as a platform so I generally sit in a chair that is closer to my TV. If I am playing a single player game, I generally lean back and relax but if it is multiplayer (especially competitive multiplayer), I will lean forward and take my feet off of the foot rest. When I was a kid I almost always sat on the floor but now I realise only barbarians do that.

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Edge of my bed.

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I mostly just...