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I go from one thread to another and Marokai is bringing the knowledge in both. Fascinating data, man. I always felt that Ryan was in significantly less content than in the past, now I know that was a correct feeling. Maybe a small part has to do with when you actually look at the numbers side-by-side, you see Vinny is still not in as many quick looks as Brad or Jeff, it's evening out. Though Ryan's dive disproves any real attempt they may be making to do that. What is sad is that overall we're losing quick looks quite clearly. But not just that, we are also losing quick looks that star more than two cast members. Those are basically reserved entirely for streams now. You rarely see a three or four-man quick look these days, which is a huge shame. They have to find an excuse to do one, which comes across as quite lazy. That may play a part in the numbers. In general quick looks are quickly becoming the squeezed middle of Giant Bomb's content.

Holy fuck I am a dork.

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@endurancefun @excast: Thanks, although, it was just simple adding and dividing of the data provided earlier in the thread, so I'm not special or anything. Still though, the idea that the staff are in less videos and less Quick Looks than before isn't just some sort of imaginary feeling, it's an empirical truth, and losing Dave and (eventually) Patrick is a pretty serious worry for overall content numbers going forward, for sure. And whatever the hell has gone on with Ryan since 2011 has been dramatic.

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@mezmero said:

Drinking. I'm going to say drinking.

I would hope so, particularly if they're at the office or doing a live stream from their home.

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Playing video games

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@danymmv: Wait a minute, excuse me, but how is it in any way inappropriate to ask about what they do on a daily basis? Growing up, entire lessons and field trips were based around what half a dozen jobs daily responsibilities were. All the time information is out and about regarding what the usual routine is for many jobs, since a lot of people find that interesting. Walkthroughs and "behind the scenes" detailing job responsibilities are a dime a dozen. Its so commonplace that I'm flabbergasted by your opinion. There is nothing wrong with learning about this, and nothing wrong with asking the crew about it.

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@brendan: Asking "Hey what does the job entail?" is a bit different from "What do these guys do that they can't be in QLs don't they know they're losing access to one of the site's personalities?"

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The sky is falling again, isn't it?

Just because they put out several hours of audio and video content weekly doesn't mean that's all they do. There are a number of things the staff does that's probably more on the boring side. Any complaints about the lack of content is silly. There's still plenty of content and E3 is around the corner so expect some long E3 podcasts, a few interviews and some articles about upcoming games.

Unless they really do slack off, then I suspect they compounded their cocaine habit ten-fold.

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@dalai: It isn't really a complaint about lack of content as much as a discussion about who the content is coming from now and going into the future.

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Ryan is answering support tickets, Brad plays Dota and Jeff is traveling everywhere pointlessly.

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@excast: Shit, Dave left? I had no idea! When was this?

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@crosstheatlantic: He basically never returned after his kid was born and announced his departure maybe 3-4 weeks afterwards.

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@excast: Well hell, I guess I must have missed that. Did they do or post anything about it? I guess he wasn't one of the main faces, but he's been around since the beginning and always felt integral. I'm surprised I missed this info somehow.

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@crosstheatlantic: Yeah, Dave made a thread about it. I don't recall the title, but it shouldn't be too hard for you to find.