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I hate grinding and multi person management, the world has me very interested though, If I were to have the game on easy and try to rush through it would I be able to? 

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Well, I'm playing it on hard and I can honestly tell you it isn't as hard as Origins on hard. You could probably even play on Normal and still not have to do a ton of party management. No real grinding in these types of games, so that complaint is out of the way.

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It's nowhere near as hard as Origins, I'm playing on hard and I've wiped a few times, but checkpoints are very forgiving and no battle has been impossible yet. I think it's very manageble on easy or normal.

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@momosauky1: if you dont like rpgs dont play rpgs its that simpel 
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@oysteinBrenne: I do like rpgs but I really have an opportunity to play them so i am shit at them.
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1) Play on easy
2) Enable auto attack
3) Bring popcorn
4) Enjoy story

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@momosauky1: Some bossfights can require a bit of character shuffling when it turns out they have certain special attacks you need to avoid and so on. But on normal, it's not very hard to stick to the main character and rely on your companions to do their own thing. It could be wise to fiddle a bit with their tactics though, just to be sure they don't steal the healing for themselves instead of helping you and so on. :P
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On normal it's pretty f*cking easy..

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I loved the first DA so I'm kind of on the fence with this one, considering what I've read on it. I happen to be one of the few who actually enjoyed the micro-managing and the such. It's a bummer when I hear about how streamlined this one is.

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@momosauky1: Normal is easier, hard is harder. No difficulty requires "grinding," though. Since this is a WRPG, and they use the method of increasing enemy levels with yours, so the only thing levels really get you is new abilities.
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Normal requires no party management just stay on your character and spam buttons and win.

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More like "How Sucky is Dragon Age II" Dude, you push like 1 button over and over, and the fight sequences are lame as crap. the dialogue is horrendous, and the graphics are less than "meh" worthy.  What a let down after the first Dragon Age.

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Are we playing the same game? I just finished my first play through (on normal) and it required a lot of managing. It was a little bit easier than Origins but only because Origins had some crazy hard battles. I thought the game was almost perfectly balanced in terms of difficulty. 
And to answer the TS: I can't see that you would have any problems with it if you stick to easy, and if you would find it to much of a breeze you can always change it up on the fly.

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I'm about 6-7 hours in, and so far (on normal) I've not wiped once. And I hardly switch between characters. I would pop it up a notch in difficulty if it wasnt for the HORRIBLE camera in this game, basically making the whole tactical aspect of the game a massive annoyance. No isometric type view has to be the dumbest decision ever.. I don't even see why they removed it. The guys who like to play rpg's like that aren't given the option, why? 
Just another example of Bioware going for the "who needs gameplay when we're this great at storytelling". Same route they took with the awful Jade Empires and NWN 1. Sadly, they are nowhere near as skilled at story building as they think they are. Most of the time when they rush gameplay to tell a story (like with this game) it just seems like the story fails completely. So far in the game I care about NONE of the characters. They are all whiny boring asshats with dull backstories and rather mediocre voice acting. If you want to play this game for the story, just.. Don't. Go get a cheap copy of Mafia 1 or any of the Max Payne games instead. 7 hours in the story has been mediocre to boring. Still having a smidge of hope, but it's waning by the hour.. Boring combat makes boring rpg.

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DAO on normal was more challenging than this sequel. There are couple of boss battles where you have to pay more attention, but other than that it's not that hard.

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Outside of a couple of fights I hardly died on normal and I don't pause or manage other characters or any of that.  On casual it seems very easy.

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@Ventilaator said:
" 1) Play on easy 2) Enable auto attack 3) Bring popcorn 4) Enjoy story "
 What story?
Game ain't too bad but there's some fights where you die pretty quick if the enemy decides to not focus on the warrior.
Or fucking ragedemons and their immolate effect everytime they hit you (and chain combo you to death). Next to that its kinda easy when you get the later/upgraded abilities and a decent weapon.
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Playing on Normal difficulty with a Mage on PC has been really easy so far apart from the occasional mini boss fight. Things can go tits up really easily though if you don't pay attention to the position of your characters which makes me miss the tactical view so very much.

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Im almost done with my first playthrough on normal: I have found the need to micro manage some fights but not most of them, some bosses can be a challenge but not too difficult.  
The god damned High Dragon keeps killing my healer so Im stuck at that at the moment... but it's just my own stupidity and I haven't wiped a whole lot during the rest of the game.

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@momosauky1: on normal it's basically press A to win while pressing other buttons to make cool things happen. But if you play normal with the goal of getting the "Unstoppable" chevo than it gets kind of challenging. Than again i'm only at act 1
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The game gets MUCH harder during the endgame sequence. Even on Normal you'll find yourself doing quite a bit of micro-management.