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Posted by Alekss (327 posts) 1 year, 5 months ago

Poll: How fast is your internet? (330 votes)

below 5 mbps 15%
5 - 8 mbps 11%
8 - 12 mbps 11%
12 - 15 mbps 5%
15 - 18 mbps 6%
18 - 22 mbps 8%
higher 45%

Mine is 12.22 mbps which is below average where I live (the average is 15 mbps).

Sorry for giving such broad choices, feel free to detail below.

#1 Edited by Pr1mus (3855 posts) -

30 down, 3 up.

#2 Edited by Demoskinos (14721 posts) -

I hover at around 20 down and 3-4 up.

#3 Edited by haffy (673 posts) -

2.3 decibels

#4 Edited by CaLe (3944 posts) -

120mbps. My provider (Virgin Media) just recently increased it for free.

#5 Posted by gogosox82 (424 posts) -

15 down and 5 up.

#6 Edited by SlashDance (1812 posts) -

2.2 mbps on a good day. :(

#7 Edited by Yummylee (21467 posts) -

A little under 70mbps.

#8 Edited by Mister_V (1255 posts) -

75 down 16 up

BT Infinity.

#9 Posted by jdh5153 (1034 posts) -

8.7 down, .72 up.

#10 Edited by charlie_victor_bravo (980 posts) -

2.0 mbps. Slow, but free. Larger uploads can be problematic.

#11 Edited by FluxWaveZ (19321 posts) -

2.57 mbps currently. Should be experiencing an upgrade to 10-15 mbps next week.

#12 Posted by YoungFrey (1321 posts) -

31 down, and I hate that people still measure bandwidth in bps. What else do we use bits for? It's not like we size games in bits. Accepting it as a standard just means the ISPs get the illusion provided by bigger numbers.

#13 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1053 posts) -

It's suppose to be 16Mbps Down and 1Mbps up but speed test says 13Mbps Down and .90 Mbps.

#14 Edited by spyder335 (289 posts) -

wow australian internet really sucks, the very best ive ever seen here is 2.2 mbps

#15 Posted by Happenstance (462 posts) -

Mine is about 2.8 megs. Living in a small village and pretty far from the exchange im lucky to even get that.

#16 Posted by Gamer_152 (14065 posts) -

Right now I'm getting about 15Mbps, which I'm pretty happy with.

#17 Edited by mandude (2669 posts) -

My ISP uses carrier pidgeons and flash drives; I don't know what this mbps nonsense is.

#18 Posted by Zanetsu (131 posts) -

100 / 100 Mbps through fiber. I love swedish internet.

#19 Posted by Canteu (2821 posts) -

I get 300kb/s. There's no cable down my street :(

#20 Edited by DaMisterChief (628 posts) -

56kb/s, I'll finish the endurance runs by 2053

#21 Posted by Ursus_Veritas (383 posts) -

Been on 20Mbps for 5 years, and actually just today got an increase to 60Mbps with Virgin Media here in the UK. Everything loads pretty quickly now and I'm not sure I'm used to it yet!

#22 Posted by louiedog (2335 posts) -

25 down, 4 up. I can get up to 100 down but it's just my girlfriend and me using it and we'd almost never take advantage of it. We're rarely maxing it out and big downloads that come close tend not to be things that I need immediately, so I'd really only be saving a few seconds here and there.

#23 Posted by jgf (383 posts) -

50MBit down, 2.5 MBit up. Have it since today, yeah :)

#24 Posted by AlexanderSheen (4961 posts) -

#25 Posted by louiedog (2335 posts) -

I was initially a little surprised to see 5-8 mbps as the lowest in the vote considering in the US that tends to be the top tier available for DSL. However, it's also usually around the same price point as low tier cable, which is faster, so I guess people who have both options go with cable, especially with a TV bundle.

#26 Posted by Lumley (949 posts) -

60 mbps but I only hit 20 mbps on wireless - UK.

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#28 Posted by SexyToad (2760 posts) -

5mbps, with a ping of around 17ms

#29 Posted by Warfare (1632 posts) -

#30 Edited by guiseppe (2840 posts) -

12 down, 1 up.

#31 Edited by Azteck (7449 posts) -

In that wave thingy I had this:

Com Hem11 year ago118.46 Mb/s10.59 Mb/s

21 ms

#32 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2216 posts) -

That's the best Sydney can do at the moment till fibre optics finally reaches all the suburbs.

#33 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

This fast.

*Holds up hands*

#34 Edited by Monkeyman04 (1042 posts) -

15 down 3 up

#35 Posted by Nick (659 posts) -

when i was living in Canada i was getting 70-90 mbits/s, now i'm getting 2-3

#36 Edited by Zlimness (548 posts) -

Getting proper fiber in the building soon. The cable I have now isn't bad though, but it only supports up to 100 mbit. Can't wait to get 250 mbit!

#38 Edited by Bollard (5394 posts) -

@zlimness: How is your up so much lower!

At home I have crappy 2Mb. Here at Uni it's 100/100, so I love it.

#39 Edited by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1806 posts) -

I want the fast internet, but my parents just don't understand.

#41 Posted by Zlimness (548 posts) -

@chavtheworld: Because I have 100/10. I can get 200/10, but it's not worth the cost. In a month or so, I can get 250/100 via fiber instead for a couple more bucks every month or 100/100 for the same price as I have today.

#42 Edited by quirkwood (183 posts) -

@spyder335: Tell me about it! I used to be getting roughly 23 (I was about 100M from the exchange), then I moved and get < 4 Hurry up NBN roll out!

#43 Posted by Jrinswand (1698 posts) -

Mine is like 5.71 Mbps, so I just chose the first option. The sad thing is that this is a really, really good download speed for me. The American South sucks for internet speeds.

#44 Posted by Alekss (327 posts) -

Mine is like 5.71 Mbps, so I just chose the first option. The sad thing is that this is a really, really good download speed for me. The American South sucks for internet speeds.

And in my country ( Romania) 12 Mbps is pretty bad. Funny how the world works...

#45 Posted by ReCkLeSs_X (460 posts) -

Odd that my University's speed increases when I do a test, but the numbers don't lie!

Down: 47.50 mbps

Up: 63.46 mbps

#46 Posted by Scrawnto (2440 posts) -

Mine varies wildly according to the time of day. In the early morning I can pull 110 mbps, but in peak hours it drops to around 1.7 mbps. Of course, like everyone else, peak hours are when I actually have time to use the internet, so I rarely benefit from the crazy-high 5 am speeds. I'm in an apartment complex with cable internet, so I end up sharing the 'pipe' with everyone else. It's enough to make me want to just go to bed at 6 pm after work and wake up stupidly early to reap the benefits of surfing the web, downloading games, etc. while everyone else is asleep.

My upload speed is a very stable 5 mbps, though. Not super fast, but at least it's consistent.

#47 Posted by RioStarwind (512 posts) -

15-20 mbps down depending on what time I decide to check it.

1.62-1.72 mbps up

Where I live that is about the best I can get. Would love to have something faster but it can usually do what I need it to.

#48 Edited by Jrinswand (1698 posts) -

I've officially decided that I need faster internet. I think I should be able to get 30 Mbps without paying too much more than I'm paying now (at least, for a year or so). I'm hoping the wife is on board.

#49 Posted by CollegeGuyMike (388 posts) -

#50 Posted by Danteveli (1173 posts) -

Back in Poland it was about 30Mbps and it was pretty cool. Now I'm down to frickin' unstable 2Mbps while I'm in China. I need to find good provider around the area where I live.