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Poll: How important is it that your significant other like video games? (119 votes)

I refuse to date anyone who doesn't like games 3%
I'll date someone who doesn't like games, but I prefer if they do like games 45%
I honestly don't care either way 29%
I actually would prefer if they didn't like games, but it wouldn't be a deal breaker 4%
I enjoy games, but would never date anyone who liked them 0%
My wife/husband likes games, and I'm happy about it 12%
My wife/husband likes games, but I wish they didn't 0%
My wife/husband doesn't like games, although I wish they did 6%
My wife/husband doesn't like games, and to be honest I'm glad 1%

I'm mostly interested in the top 3 options. This poll started with only those, but then then I began thinking about other possibilities. While I would guess that most people would want their girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband to share in their interests, I have to think that there are some people who would prefer having a hobby of their own, which is why the poll is setup the way it is. I'm guessing that not many people will vote for those choices, but it should be interesting to see.

As with all polls, if you want to see the results without voting, either log out or simply use your web browser's incognito mode.

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At the very least, I'd want them to be able to tolerate my hobbies. If they're into them a little bit too, it's an added bonus. I've talked to people who are in relationships with people who despise their hobbies and it just sounds like a really frustrating and stressful way to live one's life. That's not even specific to video games, it applies to anything that you like to spend your free time doing.

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I play video games.. what significant other..

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My stance on the matter is this, my significant other doesn't have to like the things I do and vice versa. The only thing I do ask, is to respect the things I like as I will respect the things she likes.

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@mannymar: yes that's the best anyone could say it.

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My wife doesn't like video games because she finds them over-complicated nowadays compared to something like Mario Kart. That's fine with me, she respects the fact that I adore them and will even watch me play story heavy games as though we're watch a TV series together (Wolf Among Us).

It's okay to not like the things I like, as long as your not hostile towards those things. Hell, I do not have the mental capacity to sit through any of her Korean Dramas, but I respect that she watches them.

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My girlfriend likes games but shes super casual. She plays cellphone games and the 3DS that I got for her, She already had a DSi. But basically shes nuts for Professor Layton, Ace Attorney, and Pokemon and not much else.

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My girlfriends have liked party games like Smash Bros and Rock Band, but I don't care either way whether they're into them or not.

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Not very. Ours is a political marriage.

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I don't give a shit. I do what I do.

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I've been trying my damnedest to get my girl into playing Dota. You don't really know a person until you've seen what they become after 3-4 hours of Dota.

@mannymar said:

My stance on the matter is this, my significant other doesn't have to like the things I do and vice versa. The only thing I do ask, is to respect the things I like as I will respect the things she likes.


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Never been on a relationshipp so I can only make assumptions ... I wouldnt care if she didnt but as many stated , understood that I like them and let me be , also applies to me as well.

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My girlfriend-now wife, doesn't like playing video games, period. She tried though. Tried playing with her some Tekken, Sonic Racing All-Stars, Rayman Legends, but found the hand-mind coordination to be overwhelming at times. But she respects me for being a gamer. She enjoys watching me play though. Last night she was watching me play Lollipop Chainsaw and she found it hilarious, and was quite amazed that games these days have an actual story line. I'm just happy she lets me hog the TV for myself for at least an hour to play games to be honest.

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My wife is fine with games, and it's never been an issue for us. She plays a fair amount of Sims 3, and she's been interested in several games I've played from time to time.

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All I ask is that they understand/appreciate this particular hobby. It'd be nice if she was into it too, but not a deal breaker.

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I don't expect to find a girl who likes video games as much as I do, but it'd be girl if I had a girlfriend I could play video games with every once in a while.

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My wife supports me; I'm happy.

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I never dated anyone who played video games, but I didn't mind. I kind of liked having my own thing while they had their interests.

The one thing I'll never approve of is someone who has a problem with me enjoying video games.

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It's not really a factor for me. Honestly, I'm more about musical interests than game...ical... interests.

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As long as the lady in question does not have a problem with it, we're good.

A note - I'm talking about a problem with games in general. If I start playing games and it's hurting the relationship, then it's a valid thing to bring up. If I play games for three hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings and at no other times, it shouldn't be an issue.

It's definitely not an issue right now as I don't have a girlfriend.

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My wife tolerates my habits, and now she'll even listen when I try explain things like Dark Souls or Persona 3 to her. I don't think she gets it, but it's nice that she tries.

Ultimately it's not as important to like all the same things, but rather that you can live together while still being attracted to each other.

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Me and my wife game together mostly, and merrily so.

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Wow im the only one so far that voted I refuse to date anyone that doesn't play video games heh. I just don't think id get the same enjoyment with someone who has different interests to me. Id rather be single. It's like making friends with someone who only cares about cars (a relative of mine) he's a good guy but because our interests are so different we are much further apart than I am with my other relative who loves games.

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Seeing how it's on the top of my very short list of hobbies, it is pretty imporant. Luckily for us, we met through gaming, so it has never been a problem.

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Having a girlfriend takes up valuable gaming time. Not worth it.


As long as I don't have to feel guilty or disrespected about playing games. It's fine. Though people my age who don't at least partially appreciate games are getting scarcer. I'm more inclined to see Anime habits getting in the way. >.>

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Dude I am so deep into eSports I got no time for girlfriends!!!!!!!

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It's very important. I don't have very many friends that play games so I need someone to listen to my extremely exciting gaming adventures.

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I've never really cared if a girlfriend played games or not. Most of my past girlfriends were the odd Mario Kart or Rock Band here-or-there type players, but that's about it, and it didn't bother me at all. I don't think a couple needs to share everything together or have all of the same interests, and my hobbies and personality are multifaceted enough that if we don't connect on games, I'm sure we'll connect on something else. I've never understood the obsession with "gamer girls".

That being said, it's probably easy for me to say since I'm with one. I enjoy that we have another avenue where we can do something together or talk about. Aside from that though, and being primarily how we met, I don't really think it's a major facet of our relationship.

It is frustrating that she's better than me at Halo and CoD though... and her attraction to Cole Phelps in LA Noire was a bit disconcerting...

Hey, screw you buddy.
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I'm a pretty big believer that you've got to share some interests with your other, if you don't, what's the point? That being said, that interest doesn't necessarily have to be the video games, as long as they don't mind me enjoying them. If my games are a problem for her, odds are I won't like her very long anyway.

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Videogames > Food > Netflix > Cartoons > Porn > Anime > Sleep > Death > Girls

I'll get a girlfriend when i'm dead.

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My wife is gamer. She's currently playing Knack, Ni no Kuni, GTA V and Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

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my wife only plays animal crossing, i play games co-op with my daughter she is seven years old so, lego games mostly