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Like these two games

Grand Theft Auto 3 for PS2

Grand Theft Auto Vice City for PS2

GTA 3 was Release: on 10/22/01

GTA Vice City Release: on 10/29/02

Counting from 10/22/01 to 10/29/02

It took the creators like 13 months to make GTA Vice City.

How is it possible then after 2 years later they made GTA San Andreas.

Cause I know it takes like 3 to 4 years to make a perfect movie or video game just my own opinion.

I wanna hear your opinions

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I'm not sure, but it's possible that they made a whole lot of new assets or engine improvements for San Andreas. Vice City might have re-used a lot of GTA 3's assets and engine.

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A lot of experienced people working efficiently for a lot of hours...

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Lots of crunch.

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When you're making roughly the same game with basically the same team that can use many of the same assets it's going to speed up the process significantly.

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Once the game engine is set up hanges to the code lines must be easier and faster... also from GTA 3 to Vice City not much was changed (in terms of graphic quality) just some edits here and there and by San Anrea they must be really knowladgable of their engine so they can squeeze more out of it in less time. Also they must have a drawer with a lot of sotries to tell :P

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a wizard did it.

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Games used to come out that fast, check the final fantasy series 7 - 10 all came out over a 4 year period.

If anything, we should be surprised how long it takes them to make games now.

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In a studio that develops multiple sequels it's not uncommon for the next game in the franchise to be concurrently under development before the first is even released. The release dates for those early PS2 GTA's ar 13 months apart but the majority of development likely occurred over a much longer period (18-24 months) that wound down months prior to the game even being certified for release. Vice city could have been 15% built before GTA III even came out.

This is all from my limited understanding of how studio's work but if you have enough people with enough talent, you can allocate teams to different projects simultaneously. I recall hearing that Skyrim was in development before Fallout 3 was even close to complete.

Also it's really easy to make a game in under 13 months, hell there are some reasonably polished games that come out of 48 hour game jams. The distinction comes from the type of game and of course how good it is.

There is an interesting comparison somewhere in here of hours worked in games development versus other industries. In an insurance office for instance there may be around 1950 hours worked over thirteen months whereas in game development especially considering crunch it could be anywhere up to or over 3710 hours.

Gamedev. Ouch.

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Once you have a solid engine and mechanics in place, it largely just comes down to generating content and iterating on the gameplay with refinements and additions. The content generation tended to be much faster and easier back then simply due to the lower fidelity of the graphics, but even today it's possible to do a lot in a year by having an efficient team and/or burying your team under a ton of crunch time and outsourcing to cheap art factories in Asia.

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@kidavenger: Same as the GTA series they were able to provide great games every year. Mark cerny said games back them were very quick to develop for the ps1 and ps2 but this generation especially with the ps3 games have taken longer to make.

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Reusing engine, reusing assets, increasing familiarity with tech, a giant pile of cash and hard goddamn work. That would explain the quick turnaround on those GTA III spin offs.

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@napninjanx: I am a bit confused, those dates are almost exactly one year apart. Do you live in some alternate reality where a year consists of 13 months?