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I just finished my first civ 5 game using Moctezuma and it was 35 hours long... I used epic game pace one level above normal. I got a science victory... I think the cheiftain difficulty is way too easy I steamrolled the opposition

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Less than 15.  
Mainly because I know how Civ works and China is a fucking military beast. 
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Can't remember. I played as Japan and I think I just made a new game half way in for some reason.

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Japan and there was only me and China on the map so it took about 4 hours for me to wipe them out...chieften. I'm on my second game now with six civs, I've taken out English(playing as japan again) and I'm about to take out India.

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15 minutes i cheat muhahaha....... about 10 hours small game at work lol