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hi everyone

how long you beat your games ?

like: limbo : 3H

DiRT3 : 6H


like this , so tell us how long you beat your games :)

Edit: i think you don't understand me =\ (except 49th) , i mean write the game then put how long you played it until you finished it , like what i write

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I beat my games for hours at a time. Brutally and relentlessly until my hands feel like they're covered in broken glass and my veins feel as though they're pumping battery acid.

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i beat game fast

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I beat games so much I am so annoy.

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Until they love me.

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I beat game sometime fast sometime un fast but i will write here so can see it(like u said to do it0)

batman: 10

god o f war : 11 probaly

dunno i played other 1s to

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I beat the game like they owe me money.

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hi everyone

how long you beat your games ?

Awfully vague my friend.

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All ggfmes I am beat less than 1nce but when I doo it take only 2 hour always.