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Had a real bummer happen last night, when my PS3 shut off mid-game and refused to turn back on again. I get a green light, then it flashes yellow, then blinks red till I turn the power switch in the back off. I am no expert, but I bet this means it is dead. It was a launch PS3 that I have had since early 2007, so I guess I should be happy it lasted this long. I am on my fourth XBOX360, and I would wager that the only reason my Wii is still kicking around is because I hardly ever play it. Still I am totally bummed out about this. So, when this happens to anyone else, do you just do without the console, immediately replace it, or try to get it fixed? Based on what I wrote about how the PS3 is flashing lights, is it repairable?

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Zero, I have never had a console break on me and all of them still work.

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I'd just try to get it fixed.

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I had my spare 360 I loaned to a friend break, but I didn't have to replace it.

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1 360, 1 PS3. Launch ones.

I dunno whats wrong with ur PS3. When mine went down the slim had just come out so we just bought one of those. I've had the slim and a 360 for awhile and no problems with them.

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I replaced my SNES because my dog pissed on my old one. My first Playstation 1 was dead on arrival. I had 2 Xbox 360s fail as well (1 to RROD and 1 failed GPU).

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One xbox 360, but that was after years of use. It's all good

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PCs. Never consoles.

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One; my Xbox 360 got fried during a thunderstorm.

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2 360s red ringed on me. Can't wait to get a gaming PC.

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I replaced 2 Xbox 360s only to have them repaired later, so I effectively had 3 Xbox 360s for a while there. Then one of them went RROD a second time and I said screw it. I haven't had any issues with my PS3, but I rarely use it anymore. Hopefully it will last long enough for me to get some quality time with The Last of Us. Plus, it's my Bluray player now so I kind of need it for a few movies. Other than that, all of my consoles have lasted right up until I traded them in or sold them. Edit: I just remembered that I had a Dreamcast back in the day that went belly up on me, so I dismantled it. Now you can get one online for like $50.

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The 360 is the only console I've ever had issues with...unfortunately I've had a ton of issues. Three red rings and one busted disc drive.

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My old 360 red ringed once. My American Saturn blew up because it could not handle Eu voltage and a Dreamcast stopped working, but was easily repaired since it was just some oxidation.

On the other hand I've lost count of how many PC components have died over the years, but it must be dozens.

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One 360 after 4 years.

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One PS3 and two PS2s. Nearly had to replace a third PS2 last year but I took it appart and fixed it myself.

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I've had two 360s give me the E74 error. I haven't had any problems with my 360 slim.

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I got the RROD on my 360 after having it a couple of years, but Microsoft took care of it.

And then my near-launch PS2 stopped reading discs, and I completely killed it while following an online guide and attempting to fix the laser. But by this point, the slim PS2 had launched (and maybe already had a price cut), so that wasn't that big of a deal.

Oh, and I have a random second generation SNES that won't output video anymore, but my original SNES still works perfectly fine.

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One PS2! I've been pretty lucky with consoles.

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The only consoles I've had stop working are 1 PS2, and 1 PS3. In both cases, I switched over to the slim variant.

..... And at least 3 PCs have died on me over the years. And I have a Laptop about to join that number methinks. :P

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I had 9 360's die on my from 2005-2010. My launch 60gb PS3 is still alive, but I only use it for netflix and haven't played any games on it in years.

I've always preferred PC gaming, but still always also played consoles. Now I am PC only, I don't want a console and will be suprised if Microsoft or Sony brings anything worthwhile to the table this next generation. I have 200+ steam games and never enough time to play them.

I also like gaming @2560x1600, and consoles just can't do that.

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My 360 red ringed on me once and got that repaired. I've picked up a bunch of used consoles at garage sales and the like that didn't work and refurbed them myself.

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Had to send in my 360 twice because the disc drive died and wouldn't read any discs. Never had a problem with it red ringing and I've had it since 2007.

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3 360s, 1 PS2, 1 PS1.

The 360 was pretty terrible. 2 RRODs and a disc drive failure where it sounded like my games were going through a fucking wood chipper. I eventually just stopped sending it back to M$ because I got sick of the damn thing. Instead I took it to a shooting range and put 10 .308 rounds through it.

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I've had the same thing happen with my PS3 a few years ago, but that's the only console that broke for me, thankfully. I should probably prepare just in case it dies on me again, though. I'm terrible at backing up my saves, and I don't really want to pay Sony more money to put my stuff in the cloud.

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Launch PS2. Stopped reading DVDs just outside its warranty period.

Launch PS3. Stopped reading Blu-rays a year after warranty.

Launch PSP stopped reading UMDs the last time I turned it on.

Launch 360. It didn't break on me, but it was starting to get graphical artifacting. So, I traded it in to EB for a 360 with HDMI.

Launch XBox. Modded to high hell and back, you could flash it with multiple roms and change them on the fly via a control panel. Someone ended up playing with the buttons and after that, it never booted again. Optical drive stopped working, but I could just FTP games to it.

In my 20 years of building PCs, I've had a power supply die, a motherboard with bad caps; five minutes with a soldering iron fixed that, and... a Maxtor hard drive fiasco. I generally replace hardware in my gaming PC pretty often, but my Q6600 system that's been overclocked by 1ghz has been running 24/7/365 sicne 2007. My Opteron 180 system, built in 2005 spent years as my home theatre PC until I retired it to "mom's computer" status a few years back. I replace fans often, the bearings go after a while, or start to get noisy.

I have a PSX from 1998 that still works. It just has to be upside down. I own 2 Dream Casts. One is a back up for when my 9-9-1999 purchased DC dies. My SNES still works too, though the controllers... not so much.

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Had to send in a 360 because of the RROD and I also had to replace my original Gameboy because the control pad would register pressing down but I just upgraded to a Gameboy Color. Does that count?

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I had 5 360s break, 2 PS2s, a PS1 and a GC. The first PS2 and the PS1 and Game Cube was because my little brother treated them like shit.

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i replaced 2 ps3's but only one of them died.

the first one was the hdd that crashed, the second one had problems with 1 of the usb sockets and the reader/eye had some dust on it but nothing that i could not fix without problems, but replaced both since i could for free. the second one actually replaced from a fat 80gb to a slim 320gb for free. now im on my 3rd one and i think it might die soon'ish since it have locked up on me 3 times but only over 50+ playthoughs.

and that is since early 2009

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Two PS2's. The original fatty died out in like '08 or something, then my slim's reader died this year. Never had any other console get busted, at least the ones that I didn't open up.

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Not a one, but then, I think I only used my 360 for like, 20 hours.

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A year or two ago, my launch PS2 thought it'd be funny if it started being picky about what games it read. Games that would work perfectly one day wouldn't even read the next with it, but a few titles still worked for some reason. And the DVD quality was terrible. So, I got a PS2 slim, and a PS3 the next year.

My DSLite from '09 seems to be ready to bite the dust. I'm actually starting to have to blow on the DS cartridges, something that has never happened to me before.

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I've had one 360 die on me, so I stopped using them.

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None, ever

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3 consoles, 1 ps2, 2 xbox 360.

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I have had one 360 red ring

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0. None at all. But I can feel my old xbox 360 slowly breaking down.

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I screwed up my PS2 fat trying to install a flip top so I could import the Fire Pro and King of Colosseum games. I've had one 360 red ring on me which Microsoft replaced.

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Three consoles have gotten problems for me. First one was my original chunky PS2. It stopped reading any DVDs apart from movies and dual-layered PS2 DVDs (like Yakuza 2). The slim PS2 I bought is more or less fine, but for some reason has stopped reading dual-layered DVDs (but all other discs are fine). So in a sense I got a fully working PS2 spread across 2 PS2s. Quite bizarre :P

Then my phat-PS3s disc drive stopped working a couple of years ago. The console is still fine apart from the disc drive, so a bit of a shame. My new slim PS3 still works like a charm though (and I got it for free, so no real loss).

I could say there is a possible 4th console.. my Xbox 360, the console itself is fine.. apart from that it does not go online. Microsoft decided that apparently I had modded it and so they perma-blocked it. Long story, but basically I had done nothing to the console apart from use it normally, but I was getting absolutely nowhere with them on their "support" line and they would not budge, and when I offered to send my 360 in to them to check it, they just told me they could not accept modded consoles... so yeah, innocent before proven guilty apparently is not in their vocabulary (This was actually what made me buy a PS3 back in 2008 or so). Quite an insult since I consider myself quite a gaming collector and spend a lot of money on the industry.

Apart from that all my other consoles (and PCs) throughout the ages have been fine and little to no problems.

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My PS2 slim seems to have problems turning on. I thought it was a power supply problem so I bought a new one but that didn't solve anything. I stupidly thought I could open it up and try and fix it but as soon as I did I sat there staring at it for a couple minutes and then closed it back up. Now I can't even have it fixed since I broke the seal.

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Ive replaced my xbox once, but Im still waning on replacing my ps3.

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3 Xbox 360's I went out and got a slim version if this one dies microsoft is dead to me, there is already no way I am going to buy the next xbox at launch going to wait a year or two even then I'm not sure I will ever buy one.

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When my launch PS3 broke, like yours, I read everything I could find about repairs and quality after the repairs and just decided to buy a slim. They run way cooler so they are way less likely to brick on you and they consume a lot less power. Launch PS3s are energy hogs.

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My first 360 red ringed and i had it replaced by microsoft, thats it for me.

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Two Xbox 360s. My third is almost dead too.

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one PS2, and that fucker was like 6 years old too.

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A launch PS2 (replaced with a slim) and 2 or 3 xbox 360s (replaced with a slim)

I see a pattern.

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One launch 360 after a good three years of use. I got an elite after that, sold it to my brother and got s slim on release day. =)

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1 Playstation 2: My NHL 2002 disc got stuck in the system, it finally opened one time and let the disc out, but the drive never opened or closed after that.

4 Xbox 360s all to RROD's. I ended up switching to the 360 Slim 2 years ago and haven't had any problem with this one at all.

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My first PS2 died on me back in 2007, I think? But that was after years of use. I was in the middle of playing Persona 3 and the disc drive just up and died. It had spun its last disc.

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My old ps2, I think that's it. Oh and a DS (the hinge snapped). And a PC motherboard but that's not a console.