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Poll: How many games are in your Steam wishlist? (47 votes)

0 15%
Between 1 and 10 32%
Between 11 and 20 15%
Between 21 and 30 15%
Between 31 and 40 4%
Between 41 and 50 4%
Between 51 and 60 2%
Between 61 and 70 2%
Between 71 and 80 2%
Between 81 and 90 0%
Between 91 and 100 0%
More than 100 4%
*Just show me the results* 4%

Personally, I have 75. That's crazy, right? Maybe I should remove some games that I'm not really that interested in. Actually, maybe Steam needs to have another big sale soon...

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I just calculated it; if I bought them all now, it would cost $1172.64...

Edit: also, this should be in the Steam forum, but I'm a forgetful idiot :(

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The last and onlyy game I've wishlisted was Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.. 2 years ago.

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22 games.

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139 games.

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8 games. Mostly to remind me of some upcoming games (like X: Rebirth, Planetary Annihilation) and some that I wanna get on a sale.

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I don't use the steam wishlist because I'd rather keep track of the games I want to buy/play in a more platform agnostic place.

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I use the wishlist to organize all of the games I plan on getting at some point or another. 19.

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3 and I don't even know if I really want any of them.

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I don't really use the wishlist feature... kinda everything I get on steam is an impulse buy, or a launch-day buy

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I have three. They're really just there so I can get an email from Steam whenever they go on sale. I keep a much longer Word document with my multi-platform wishlist that includes PC games.

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@alexw00d said:

3 and I don't even know if I really want any of them.

this ^

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15-25. It fluctuates. When I see something that makes a game look interesting, I add it to the wish list. Then I wait several months til a major Steam sale comes along (summer, winter holiday), and if I still really want it, I'll buy a few of them on the cheap. I do roughly order the list, but I rarely cull the list, so the bottom 5-10 games have kinda been there for a while.

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Way to many, at some point I just didn't look at the price and added games I just wanted to try out.

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I would say twelve at the moment.