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Seriously, 5 games all in the same week? NFS, HALO, Saint's Row 3, Zelda and AssRev....I want all of them but for the sake of my sanity I can't play all of them.

If zelda is as good as they say I'll have to get my wii back from my brother...Halo is a definitive yes at this point.....I want to see what happens to Ezio....the Bombcrew made some insane claims about Sain't Row....and the previews are making NFS out to be something on the level of Hot Pursuit (2010)....

what ya'll getting?

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None. If I spend one more dollar I'm gonna really fuck myself up. 
Gonna have to wait..

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None. Broke.

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Well, I wasn't planning on buying anything, but now I'm really interested in this AssRev thing. I haven't played an ass-based racing game in a while, and this looks like it could do the job.

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I'm renting MW3 and Skyrim from gamefly....might buy them later

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I'm only getting Halo at release. I want Saints Row 3 and Assassin's Creed as well, but getting three games at the same time is too crazy, and since I'll still be playing Skyrim, I need to keep anything else relatively light. Will find a place for those two sometime in the future.

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I pre-ordered Assassin's Creed Revelations and Saints Row 3 so I suppose those.

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Zero Bradbux. Skyrim is preordered and I won't be buying any new games until the Steam holiday sales.

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I'm intending on buying at least 0 and fewer than 1.

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Skyrim the week before. That week Saints Row 3

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I pre-ordered Assassin's Creed, I might buy Halo: Anniversary if I have extra money on that day. Maybe the Metal Gear Solid HD collection, still debating this.

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None of them, I only have enough for one more game this month and no way in hell am I not getting Skyrim.

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Just Zelda.

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Saints Row 3. I couldn't care less about any of the other games and it's been too long without any stupid fucking shit in my life.

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There's games after Skyrim?
Seriously though I definitely want to check out Zelda. OH goddamnit and Assassin's Creed looks awesome too, but I'll just wait until it's on sale at Target for 40 bucks just like the previous iterations.

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zero, sadly, want SR3 but I have keine geld, so I can only get Skyrim

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Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Saints Row 3 looks crazy fun, but I'm going to hold out on that one.

Edit: Better make that two: Super Mario 3D Land sounds pretty ballsnasty also.

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Aw shit, forgot about Halo. It'll have to wait, gotta deal with Skyrim for more than a while first. 

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Sadly none. I already bought Batman and Uncharted. I really want Zelda and Saints Row, but I'll just wait and ask for those for X-mas. I'm currently on the fence about Skyrim.

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0, but only because I was gifted MW3 on Steam. 
I can skip BF3 because I have MW3
I can skip Saints Row 3 because they are already making Saints Row 4 in a new engine so everything from 3 will have to be scrapped. Plus I just wish Volition would go back to space sims and not dudebro games.
I can skip Skyrim because every elder scrolls game needs about 6 months to work all the bugs out plus get some really good mods. Also their DLC is poor and always gets bundled in a GoTY edition.
I wouldn't skip Zelda if I had a Wii.
I can skip Assassins Creed because of the obnoxious ubisoft DRM and it's a series that just needs to end, not drag on and on like other disasters such as Fable.
I can skip Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 because I'm not buying into Capcom's greed.
and I'm skipping Need for Speed because I'm not a huge fan of racing games.
My next spending spree will come once the Black Friday sale hits on Steam.

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DEFINITELY Assassin's Creed. Maybe Zelda, maybe Saints Row.

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0, Skyrim is all I need until next year.

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getting ACR but that doesn't come out for PC until later.  Want to get zelda but i have to shell out extra cash for a wii motion plus which i'm not willing to do atm.

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I'm getting Assassin's Creed and Saints Row at the same midnight event :D

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Either 2 or 3. SR3 and Revelation for sure. Maybe Halo, but I'll probably save it for later.

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Just saints row the third.

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Zero, but I already own Minecraft so I'm covered.

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nothing only skyrim

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None. Already bought Skyrim. It'll be enough to last me a few weeks fortunately.

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None, probably.

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I have both Halo and AssCreed arriving on the 15th. I'm also extremely interested in Saints Row, regular-interested in Rayman, and curious about Need for Speed, so depending on how those turn out, I might end up getting them eventually. But for now, just Halo and AssCreed.

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Maybe 1, ACR.

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1. Saint`s Row. Strap it On!

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ZELDA (cost me as much as 2 games)

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Saints Row. . . That's all.

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Zero. I will be too busy slaying dragons.

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I would say two, SR3 and AssRev, but considering how much I've been playing lately I might just pick up AssRev for now and SR3 down the road. 

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That one that has fake dicks.

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3... 4... 3... wait... 5. Dangit. 5 games. Suck!

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Zelda and maybe Super Mario Land 3D? Nintendo doesn't seem like they want to put out those GBA ambassador games, so I've got to play something!

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Saints Row: The Third.

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Halo, Saints Row 3, and Zelda.


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Just that week? bummer.

if it was this month then: L.A Noire(PC), Skyrim, Arkham City(PC), Star Wars: The Old Republic, Saints Row 3(PC), Skyward Sword, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Rayman Origins, Jurassic Park, Anno 2070, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. And that's about it for November, then December comes around and I'll add even more consoles to the Gaming Den(or basement of gaming. Don't know what name to use yet) and more games. Oh and the Steam Christmas Sale thingy will also have me buy some older games I guess. So yeah, a pretty goood month and next month for games I guess.

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Just Skyrim. I would get Skyward Sword... but I won't have time to play it. And I don't have my Wii hooked up to my TV.

After Skyrim, Batman: Arkham City PC (whenever those dipshits of Rocksteady/WB decide to release it, that is) and AC: Revelations.

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Zelda and only Zelda. Hold all my calls. I'll be beating the game with a turkey leg in my mouth.

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zelda and umvc3... might get call of poopy if a family member is willing to buy me it for my birthday