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204 for me

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I'm at 316 right now, pretty disgusted by that. I should really not buy all these games that I wont have time to play.

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That'll probably end up below the average for this thread.

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One hundred and seventeen.

Some counts include all DLC, and that bumps it up to 200. But Steam says 117. And I like that number. It sounds strong. Like a Spartan.

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I have 115 or so. Don't have Steam open right now. But that's about right. I would have to say, though, that at least 75 of them came from bundles where I only wanted a couple of the games. I also buy every humble indie bundle just because it is a good cause, even though I only have interest in one or two games at most in each bundle and often I have all the games I would want to play on PS3 or 360 already. And then I get the big publisher or franchise bundles sometimes. I have like 5 Company of Heroes games I never plan on playing because of that, and a half dozen Quake games. Sometimes it just makes sense to get a bundle even when you only want two or three of the games.

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Around 750. Bundles man, they'll do that to ya.

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171 games, majority of them I bought when Steam puts on their big holiday sales.

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According to Steam I have 235, but I think a decent chunk of that number is made up of DLC. I'm gonna go against the grain here and say that I've actually played every single one of the games I own on Steam, though some of them I've only played for 10 minutes or so. I don't really understand the logic behind buying hundreds of games and then not playing them at all. Maybe it's because I only buy a game when I want to play it at that moment and I actually have time to play it. Or maybe I'm just weird.

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636, rarely buy bundles

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Don't ask me, I'm in denial about all of them I've bought and subsequently not played.

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321 not including any DLC or what have you. Not the worst, but not great considering I'm at about 51% played according to steamcompletionist.

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The answer that everyone should give: Too many. (239)

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193. Mostly Humble Bundles and sales.

Someone should average these all up when this thread is over.

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25? I've spent like 30 bucks total on steam online; fair number of hard copy games that cross over though.

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299, I stopped buying the indie bundles awhile ago at least. But the list is still absurd, and full of things I put aside after 45min-2hr (hello Dark Souls, Duke Nukem Forever, and Syndicate....).

I buy less than 1 game a month on average now, but those first couple summer and winter steam sales were a bit crazy.

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and in total I have over 500 games

and over 1000 movies

If anyone is helping silver beat gold its probably me.

I really dont know what to think of that.

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67 games. a few of them i havn't even played yet or can't play them. i found that a lot. i kind of just started to getting into buying games that are on the big sales, summer, christmas sales.

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I currently have 156 games on Steam. I bought most of them from the holiday sales. It's kinda funny, because I actually opened a steam account a year and a half before I owned a PC that could run any modern game. Try justifying to yourself that you should buy a game you can't play anytime in the foreseeable future just because it's on sale.

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Sixty two games currently on Steam. Jesus.

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If you don't count dlc, free games, betas etc. then I'm at 117. If you count the sam and max and monkey island games as one rather than 5 serparate games it would be 109. And thennn if you don't count all those version of half life you get when you buy half life I'm at about 106.

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says 356 on my profile, but 201 when I go into my library. Either way those numbers are depressing when I think of the money I would have if I didn't buy all those games.

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530. 262 currently installed of which I've launched 123 at some point.

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332, at the time I'm posting this.

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Like 25, because i actually play games rather than rabidly buying them simply because they're cheap.

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290 or 391. Steam is weird for providing two numbers =/

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A mere 120 for me. Of which 20 are installed, and perhaps 3 played now and then. :P

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107 of which 70 are installed. I think I've played maybe 30-40% of the list and that's just lack of time.

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298(252 installed) only, not including all the expansions.

590 with expansions and maybe the "free games" put into it, it seems.

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104 and i'm sad to say that Homefront is one of them.

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0. No one owns games on Steam. I have ~150 single-user, non-transferable licenses to games which I can use to play them as long as I agree to and abide by the Steam EULA. I can't give my licenses away, I can't transfer ownership of them in my will, I can't resell them, and if Valve decides to they can take them away at any time. Pretty much the definition of NOT owning something.

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And yes, I have played most of them, although only a few to completion. But yes, I do take that to mean I need to rethink some life choices.

@tourgen said:

0. No one owns games on Steam. I have ~150 single-user, non-transferable licenses to games which I can use to play them as long as I agree to and abide by the Steam EULA. I can't give my licenses away, I can't transfer ownership of them in my will, I can't resell them, and if Valve decides to they can take them away at any time. Pretty much the definition of NOT owning something.


I mean, you are technically right, but still, grumpypants.

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823, a lot from bundles though.

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264 ... I probably played 80% of them for at least a bit.

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Wow, the combined number of Steam games we all own is somewhere around 2many

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201 but a large chunk is taken up by TellTale games (thankfully fixed with TWD) and Humble Bundles. Realistically I'd say it's probably more around 150 maybe even less. I still need to play a large chunk of them too. I've bought games that I thought looked cool then moved on to something else.

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50ish, it actually more from free stuff but I don't count those because I will never play them...ever.

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164, with 51 installed.

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738.... woops :S

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12. I don't do a ton of game playing on the personal computer.

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I have 143 games according to the library, but says 240 on my profile.

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According to my library: 222.

According to the "Games" section of my profile: 383.

I'm not sure where those numbers come from.

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@jrinswand: I believe the profile number counts every piece of DLC separately, hence why it's so big. My library says 268, and my profile says 549.