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I'm not talking about watching, reading, or talking about games. The folks over at Gamers with Jobs have been discussing this recently and found that their community plays around 12 hours a week on average, but that's a site—shockingly enough—catered towards people with less free time.

So I got to wondering how much gaming the Giant Bomb community squeezes in to an average week. Since we all have different life circumstances, I don't want to make a value judgment out of anyone's game time. Though back in my first year of college, I had a Prof. that was certainly happy to.

We had an assignment to track how many hours we spent doing tasks a week in an effort to improve study habits (e.g. 56 hours sleeping, 20 hours homework, etc.). I was sick that week and ended up playing over 40 hours of Anarchy Online. The Prof. called me out on it in front of the class and said it was awful I was spending a full-time-job's worth of time gaming. It was sort of embarassing, but I didn't feel bad about it; nowadays, however, I feel like over 15 hours is quite a bit.

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Around the 31-40 hour range.

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i chose 11-15, although back when i was in high school, i got at least 30 hours a week

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Around 20 hours for me give or take. Unfortunately I have other responsibilities. Are there seriously people that play 100+ hours a week? Is that even possible?!

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Anyone who answered "Over 100" should probably re-examine their lives.

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@DrFlapjack said:

Are there seriously people that play 100+ hours a week? Is that even possible?!

That's over 14 hours a day, so if you sleep for less than 8 hours and eat for 2 (or eat while gaming), it's certainly possible. I could see a sort of crazy person doing that for the week following a big game release, but to do 100+ on average seems very excessive to say the least.

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1-5. I don't really play when the GF is around, but usually can manage an hour or two a day. I also play mostly on my phone during my work commute....it's sad. Wish portable gaming was better.

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Well, Steam says that I've played about 24 in the last two weeks but that doesn't count other things like LoL. Whatever the number is, it's probably too high considering the number of other, more important responsibilities that I have.

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Give or take, around 20 hours. Depends if I have new games and if I'm busy.

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21-30 hours when I have new games to play, 6-10 when I have the same old shit.

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I need to start subscribing to the Gamers With Jobs podcast again. I used to but it dropped lower on my list as I had less time each week for recreational audio. Finally, I gave it up entirely. I still don't have too much time, and I've recently resubscribed to Idle Thumbs plus the Tony Kornheiser Show is back from vacation, so...well, were heading into "season" so this is a good time of the year to make time for these shows.

Anyway, I can't really tally up my game time on a weekly basis because I routinely go for weeks without picking up a controller. Then I'll binge and play for 12 to 16 hours in a sitting. Right now I'm playing Borderlands 2 and while I've only been able to put in 6 or so hours so far, now that it's the weekend, I'm going to log another 6 tonight. That is unless I fall asleep. Either way, if I look at how many hours per month I play, it's about 20, so from there you could divide it up to 5 hours per week. I have other interests and a full-time+ job so it's all I can spare.

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I have no job and only take classes online. That leaves me with LOTS of time to play, easily 6-8 hours each day.

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I'd say around 40 or so? Thing is on an average night I dont go anywhere and I also dont watch TV so I usually have 8+ hours to kill stuck at home. Ill go out with friends where I can but Im single and all my friends are married which means I dont see them that often so...its usually me ,myself and my Xbox every night. Leaves me a good portion of time after Im done with work to game.

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1-5, sometimes less, sometimes I won't play anything for week ... The University sucks : /

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Probably around 20 hours or so since ive gotten married, way higher before that. It also helps that I'm currently off track in college so that gives me a little extra time too

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I'm unemployed which leaves me with a ton of free time but even then I don't feel compelled to always be playing. I guess I'll average about 20 hours per week. Some days I'll play a bunch and others I don't play at all or barely.

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Not as much as I would like to, now that I've started working again...I would say maybe 6 hours. When I was unemployed I was putting in a good 20 to 30 per week.

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Around 15 hours a week lately. Used to be a lot more, but I live with friends now instead of on my own, and I decided to put my TV in the living room since their TVs are sad little 20" SD relics. I still do plenty of gaming because my schedule allows me to hog the TV at night, but damn it annoys me sometimes to come home and find the TV in use when I was looking forward to a specific game. I could just say fuck it and move it and the consoles into my room, but that wouldn't really stimulate the social aspect of the household. Sigh...I need another TV.

It also really depends on whether I've made a new purchase, because when I get into a game I tend to finish it and possible 100% it in as few obscenely long sessions possible. When it's a dry spell I sometimes barely play for weeks.

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One to Five hours, and in some weeks i'll not even play... School really kills your free time.

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Since school started I would say 11-15. Maybe 15-20. Tough to say, really.

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It's really hard to say an average for me. Some weeks I may only play a few hours, and other weeks I can easily play over 20 or 30 if I have a long game I'm trying to get through. For instance, I barely played anything this week, but a few weeks ago most of my free time was consumed by Dark Souls.

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As per usual: the answer is always "Far too much". Not as much as I used to though, that's for sure.

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I'd say about 21. School and a full-time job have little to no impact on that time because I always play right before going to bed.

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Well, I don't know about weeks, but I usually play somewhere between 2-5 hours a day.

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As much as I can without it damaging my social life/work and eyesight.

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Working full time with grad school on top of it, my hours is at about 15-20 spent infront of a computer screen.  Though for the most part, about 10 of those hours is spent idling in GW2 while I complete readings, waiting for world event bosses to spawn.

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Probably around 1-5 hours. I used to play more like 30-40, but I've been kind of busy lately, so video games have kind of fallen out of my schedule

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Maybe 10-15 hours a week
But about 5 hours of that is portable gaming between my iPhone, vita and 3ds to and from work
Been playing a lot more now between borderlands 2 and the instant games library on playstation plus

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I used to be able to play between 15- 20 hours a week, approximately, but since school's started and I got a full-time position at my work, I'm down to 1-5 hours, and that's just my 3DS. Haven't had a chance to turn on my 360 since school started. Kinda depressing, now I think about it, but I guess I'm building character?

Dammit, I wanna play games!

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Answer I ( 51-75 Hours)... But around 40 hours of that are work related...

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I think it's cool how people who don't play video games (5.7% in the poll) still go on and use a video game website.

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