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It Include All Type Of Gaming Consoles Like Xbox 360,Ps3,Psp Or Pc.I Play 2 Hours Everyday ..

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25 hours a day, 8 days a week.

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Usually less than an hour a day (1 LoL match for the win of the day IP bonus.) If I have a new game, then up to 5 or 6 hours a day until I beat it depending on how much other stuff I have to do those days.

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Usually less than an hour during the week, two to six a day on the weekends.

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A lot less than I used to. I tend to marathon games when I get them but I don't really play them on a day to day basis.

I guess one or two games of dota at most. So 90 minutes to two hours.

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Depends really, never play any games Monday or Tuesday, due to long hours at school, but the other days of the week I probably play games for an hour or two, depending on if I have any to play obviously.

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I don't tend to play games every day. Sometimes I go for most of the week without even switching on a console. When I get into a game I get really, really into it and have seen two days disappear because all I have done is played that game.

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All the hours.

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uh, i dont have a normal amount of time i play, sometimes i play ALOT, sometimes i wont play at all. depends

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2 hours top on weekdays weekends tho can be anywhere from 4 to 10

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College makes it fun, I can go 3-4 days of just a few hours on my DS, then it's 5am tuesday and I started at 10pm the monday and my xbox wishes for the sweet embrace of death.

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Lately? All fucking day lol Off work with a bad neck at the moment!

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Depends. If I have a game to play usually a few hours a day. Something I'm really into may suck me in for 8 hours plus.

In a drought of games I may not turn on my Xbox for a week or so and just get on to fool around with some arcade titles or some popular multiplayer games.

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Uh.. it kinda varies. Wildly.

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Most days: 0

New game I want to play comes out days: 14.

I play games like a reviewer, basically.

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I play about one hour a day.

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I play whenever I have time. Sometimes I go weeks without playing and sometimes I play every day after work 2-3 hrs a day.when new games I really want to play come out ..borderlands2 30 hrs so far since it came out.

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Video games? I don't play video games. I just watch videos of other people playing video games or listen to them talk about playing video games.

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This much.

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I will play for hours when I do play, but when I'm not, I will not even play a little bit. It's very "off" and "on" during the school year.

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It varies.

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About an hour a day on weekdays, about ten to fifteen over the weekend.

The only time I really play for a long time, nonstop, is when Christmas and Summer breaks start because I've usually spent the month before that in a mad scramble to re-study everything and wrap up any lingering assignments that I need to finish. I then come home and have a sort of crash from studying where I do literally almost nothing but eat, sleep, shit, and play video games for a week straight. It's fantastic, I usually get over that feeling like a new man.

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Way less than i used to, it may end up something from like 2-6 hours on weekdays and maybe 4-12+ on weekends, if i get a game i can really focus on without being distracted by other crazy new games coming out then it ussaly ends up on the higher end of the scale.

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Sometimes half an hour, sometimes 12 hours.

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Zero, zed, zilch. Maybe an hour a week

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Sometimes I'll go weeks without playing an hour, other times I'll play like 8 hours in a day.

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i would say 3ish hours. steam says 12 hours past 2 weeks. this week i've been playing max payne 1.

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