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Since it seems to be the most ubiquitous weapon; how many instances of it can you remember? Could probably name at least several dozen films or games offhand that include an MP5 or its equivalent.

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The only place I know of with MP5s, for sure, is Counter-Strike. I think that's where I learned what an MP5 is (oh noes, games have made me violent!).

Alternate reply: Geeze MP5?! I'm still using MP3s and MP4s!

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Probably any movie that depicts a SWAT team.

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Every movies has them, even the ones that dont.

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To name a few: Resident Evil 5, almost every GTA game, almost every modern CoD, Syphon Filter series, MGS4, Peacewalker, Terminator 2, almost every Michael Mann movie, Die Hard, The Dark Knight and Rises, Stargate, Lord of War, Hotline Miami, Red Heat, Commando, the Professional, Just Cause 2, almost every Hitman game, almost every Spec Ops game... and everything else too. I think stylistically it's even more popular than the AK-47; nothing sells contractual murder machine/spec ops like an MP5.

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Did anybody else come into this thread thinking that MP5 was the next logical step past MP3s and MP4s?

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The answer is: Not enough. There are never enough MP5s.

Also, @branthog ba-dum-tss!

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Wait, we're not talking about music file formats?

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Probably these games. Also any movie/game that involves a SWAT team ever.

Wait, we're not talking about music file formats?

It's a form of entertainment