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First post, yay! I don't, but I have my reasons.

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@Video_Game_King said:
" First post, yay! I don't, but I have my reasons. "
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Wtf happened to my paragraph i wrote explaining why i made this topic?

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No, it's just that I don't want my opinion to be influenced later on. There are some exceptions, but this is rare.
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i do if i care about the game, last review read was AC2

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@NickL said:
" i do if i care about the game, last review read was AC2 "
Same goes for me.
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I'l read a review depending on the score. If it is similar to my perception of the game then i most likely won't read the review. If it is a game I am excited about I'l read the review. Obviously I do this at acredited sources like Giantbomb and gamespot. For Mirror's Edge last year, with such a mix bag of thoughts on it i read so many reviews then decided it was not worth the 60 and later on i'l get it on steam

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Poll... where's the poll?  I do not, too lazy and I pretty much don't care enough to read about someone's review on a game.  I buy games that I know I'll like and I rent the rest.

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Not everything needs a poll, i've been seeing that alot lately here. Express your opinion, not click what you think and leave the thread.
Sorry for that short but tepid rant...

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@ThisArmyStud: Forum monster ate it.
Happens on occasion.
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Typically reviews don't persuade me so I don't read them much anymore; although I read EGM all the time in high school, aka a few years ago. I'll usually skim through the reviews here however as I like to see the staff's opinions on certain games, but I also listen to their podcast so I get a audio review most of the times, lol.

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Yes I read reviews. Text is beneath the shiny stars for a reason. 

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@Dany said:
" Not everything needs a poll, i've been seeing that alot lately here. Express your opinion, not click what you think and leave the thread.  Sorry for that short but tepid rant... "
I kind of disagree.  I very much like seeing a visual representation based on the opinions of everyone on this forum and see which tendency they lean towards.  That does not stop one from also posting a thoughtful response in the thread, as we are doing.
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I don't read reviews or look at scores. At least, not before owning and playing a game. I may retroactively look at reviews out of curiosity, and occasionally scoff at the odd reviewers inability to understand a simple concept in a game.

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@Lies: Im going to kill that monster when i see it. Spear of Destiny to the face.
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I read some but, not all of them.

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First I look at Metacritic score. If the game is already out I won't read the review and just buy it.

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I usually just read the review after I beat the game, because even things like "you can decorate your mansion with pictures" is spoilerish to me. I know I am weird, I just like to have a media blackout about a game after I am interested in it.

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If it's something I feel I need to know info about I will read it. But most things I don't need to know much more than the gist.

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I guess I do .. sort of. More like I watch video reviews haha. If this was more referring to reviews influencing purchase decisions, yes I like to go into things somewhat informed.

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Considering I hope to get into a career writing about games, I try and read as many reviews as possible both as a consumer and as someone who is learning to appreciate other people's writing more.

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On this site, rarley.  The black on white text colour scheme really messes with my eyes, and makes it very hard for my to read large amounts of texts.  If it's something I really care about, I'll copy and paste it into notepad  (bring back the alternate colour scheme, damnit!)

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I read the reviews, but only of games i'm interested in... the others i don't read. I do try to look at all the quicklooks and stuff...

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Only if I'm interested in the game. I do watch all the video reviews though, regardless.

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I read the reviews, even though they seem a bit dry compared to the rest of the site.

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You have to read the reviews not just look at the shiny rating, AC2 is a great example of this yea Ryan rated it a 4 out of 5 but his major complaints were very minor and the review read like a 5 star review and after playing for about 6 hours yesterday the game is a 5 stars for me, Mmm its so awesome and here I am sitting at work again and its at home just waiting....

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@ThisArmyStud said:

" Wtf happened to my paragraph i wrote explaining why i made this topic? "

Meh, no one was going to actually READ it anyway. ;-D
Yeah, I read the reviews.  I tend to scan them first and see if they're well written, then if they are, I go back and read them with greater attention.
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I don't usually read reviews for games that I know I am getting day one.  I already know enough about it, and don't need to validate my purchase.  I will, on the other hand read the review for a game that I notice discounted six moths later, or dare I say on occasion used.  I use reviews for information on games that I haven't been previewing.

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If i'm considering getting the game yes, but it won't be the only thing to make the decision.

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If the score seems out of the ordinary I will usually read the review prior to playing the game. (Brutal Legend / GTA Episodes)
If the score seems in line with what I was expecting / general critical consensus I usually won't bother until after I finish the game.

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I read all the review that are released.  Whether I'm going to play the game or not.  If I am so that I have some kind of knowledge going into the game.  And if not I still like to know what sort of game it is so I can recommend to people that may be interested when I talk to them.

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Nah i gave up reading reviews a while back. Video reviews and quicklooks all the way. Between here and gametrailers I find out about most every game. Metacritic definitely comes in when buying though.

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I read reviews of games that I'm on the fence of buying or not. Other than that I only watch video reviews.

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I do, almost all of them, even if it's a game for a system I don't own.

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i usually skim through the review. some paragraphs i'll read and others i'll skip over.